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We have earned the trust and respect of our customers around the globe who rely on us to deliver the best value on every order.  We have worked hard to continually expand our offering and carry over 40,000 products to date with more added every day.  We know there are many places to shop for your health online, so we put together a few of the ways we make your experience the best!  Ready to shop with us?  Check out the first time customer discount.

1.  Customers  Us, We  Love Our Customers!

Customer's Love Us.

We like to think of our customers as a part of our company - without you, we would not exist!  For this reason, we work to constantly garner feedback from you about what works, what doesn't, and how we can improve our service and value to you.  You can rest assured knowing we are here to speak with you whenever you need.  See more reviews.


2.  Customer Service

While we are a growing company, we realize we owe everything to you - our customers. For this reason, we are dedicated to maintaining a culture that is customer service centric. This means every decision is made with you in mind. Being a company that operates online offers many advantages but can at times seem impersonal or distant. You may wonder "Is there anyone behind this company?". Well we are here. Just contact us with a call, email, or livechat and we would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

We are not perfect. If you have an idea for improving our service, we would love to hear from you. From brand requests to delivery options, your input is crucial. Our goal is to deliver the tools you need to stay healthy.

3.  Value 

Discount Pricing:  We believe in delivering value on every single order.  One of the reasons we started was because shopping locally is not only time consuming and difficult, but many times quite expensive.  By using smart purchasing practices, we are able to offer pricing 30 - 60% lower than retail.  Combine that with our free shipping options direct to your door in several days, and staying healthy becomes much more affordable (and easier).

Rewards:  The type of products we sell are typically going to consumed and reordered.  We realize this and it is part of the reason each one of our customers is so special to us - we see and hear from you quite often!  That being said, we need help growing and we're ready to make your health more affordable in the process.  Just refer your friends to and start earning serious cash back to get your health products for free.  Get your referral information and start earning today!  Read more.

No Sales Tax:  Additionally, it is important to remember orders placed online are not charged sales tax (unless shipping to Indiana).  Many states charge 4-10% on every purchase you make.  By purchasing online, you automatically save 4-10% ! 

Item Our Price Local Price
Carlson Labs, The Very Finest Fish Oil Lemon Flavor 16.9 fl oz $33.95 $48.50
Nutiva, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 54 oz $28.21 $37.99
Optimum Nutrition, 100% Whey Protein $25.99 $47.99
Tax   -   $10.56
Shipping/Driving for Local Pickup $0.00 $5.00
Grand Total $88.15 $150.04
Total Savings $61.89 (41%) Saved!

4.  Fresh Inventory

With so many choices for your health supplements, it is important to remember that these products require special handling and storage. This is why we have invested in a climate controlled storage facility for all our products. We have additionally added a freezer zone for temperature sensitive items like probiotics.  If your order ever requires refrigeration in storage or shipping, we ensure it will be handled accordingly at no cost to you.

5.  Shipping & Delivery

Fast:  Once you have clicked "Submit" for your order, the next question is "When will it get here?!".  As online shoppers, we're no different.  For this reason, we chose to locate our company in the very middle of the USA in Elkhart, Indiana.  This gives us unique delivery times regardless of where you're located.  Other companies on the coasts simply cannot match this central distribution point.  For instance, our Super Saver Shipping with a delivery time of 2-8 days has a countrywide delivery average of under 4 days!

Free:  We offer many choices for delivery of your order, all at discounted shipping rates.  See the shipping page for details. All orders over $49 ship for free to the continental US.  Additionally, we offer economical rates though USPS which is great those smaller orders.

We ship all orders from our facility in Indiana (View on Map) direct to your door.  We are strategically located in the Midwest, which means orders deliver domestically within days regardless of where you live or what coast you're on. It also means we endure endless cold winters (all for you!).

Breaking down large freight, ensuring the best prices Each order is scanned to pick using wireless barcode technology Large shipments leave our warehouse every day and are delivered to you

6.  #1 International Ordering

International Customers:  We have gained a trust with our international customers built completely by the feedback given to us over the years.  This feedback has allowed us to use the most trusted shipping methods and practices of any online retailer with the goal of ensuring your international package delivery success.  Read more about international orders.  

How can you increase my confidence that is the #1 place online to purchase supplements for worldwide delivery?

  Checkout fans on facebook who post successful deliveries from across the globe.

  You can also see hundreds of unboxing videos at YouTube of successful international deliveries.

7.  Environment

SFI CertificationAll new packaging we purchase is SFI Certified (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) which ensures minimal impact on the environment.  We work directly with Welch Packaging, a local company, to ensure we continue to find new ways to minimize our impact on the environment.

Additionally, all materials including paper, plastics, cardboard and packing materials are recycled at our facility to Recycled New, a local company.  We always reuse these materials when possible to ensure their life cycle is extended and they provide the greatest benefit.



8.  Selection

Total Available ProductsWe are constantly expanding our inventory levels to ensure you get what you need as fast as possible. For this reason, all items not only list whether they are in stock or not, but how many we currently have available. Our goal is to have transparent product information and availability for you.

In addition to a large selection of retail products, we are proud to offer professional grade products through the license of Dr. Mark Schneider, DC.  This includes some of the most pure, powerful, and potent brands such as Designs for Health, Metagenics, Perque, Klaire, and more.  Should you need additional support with regards to professional brand products, please contact us and we are happy to assist.

If you have a product you cannot find online, give us a call at 1-888-885-4425 and we can determine whether that product can be sourced for you.

9.  Payment Options

We realize there are many forms of payment that make checking out faster and easier, especially when shopping outside of the USA.  For this reason, we are working constnatly to expand the payment options you have on to make checkout as convenient as possible.  Here are just a few of the top partners we work with:

American Express
Bank Transfers 

10.  Privacy and Security

Healthdesigns does not rent, sell, or expose any of your information to any other company. Ever. This includes any information collected through orders or other resources. This data is stored on private servers with the latest encryption technology.  Additionally, we do not store any credit card information on our systems.  We process your transaction through secure payment tokens and then the data is gone from our servers, further reducing any privacy risk.

Ready to shop with us?  Check out the first time customer discount.