Whey Protein Isolate Benefits

The wonderful world of whey protein is quite an interesting one. The reason being is that whey protein is a product that helps you build muscles (and offers a host of other benefits), actually comes from a cheese-making process. In it’s original form, whey protein is actually just liquid lactose (milk) that has been separated from cheese curds. After the separation, the whey liquid is taken to a dehydrator facility where the liquid is then evaporated until all that remains is a powder consisting of protein, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and some lactose. In this form, the whey protein is known as whey protein concentrate.

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There are actually two other forms of whey protein that are also made. One is called hydrolysate and the other is called whey protein Isolate.

How Whey Protein Works With Your Body

Whey protein is a pre-digested form of energy source for the body. What this means is that whey protein is able to increase one's metabolic rate by transferring food and nutrients quickly to their muscles that aid them in growing bigger. It is also able to help muscles recover from any damage that they may have sustained as well. Taking whey protein isolate can be a prime way to treat and avoid getting muscle atrophy, which is a common occurrence as one starts to age.

Ways To Lose Weight With Whey Protein

Whey protein isolate is also very beneficial in helping someone to lose weight. It is able to do this two different ways. The first way is when someone takes whey protein as a meal replacement. Whey protein isolate as a meal replacement is able to give your body the nutrients that a meal would, but does not give it the same amount of sugars or fats that are common in most diets. Also, whey protein isolate helps to suppress the “hunger” reflex in our body and helps one to avoid over eating. The second way whey protein isolate helps people to lose weight is by converting fat into energy that the body can burn turn into muscle fibers. So it not only helps to burn fat, but also helps to turn that fat into lean muscle in the process!

More Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

The unique benefit of whey protein isolate compared to its cousin, whey protein concentrate, is that it is a much more refined and a purer form of protein. Going back earlier to the discussion on how whey protein is created, recall that there was still carbs, sugars, and lactose left in the protein powder after it is dehydrated. However, whey protein isolate is then put through a different process where most of the fat, carbs, and milk are removed. This offers a big benefit to people who are lactose intolerant and have bodies that are sensitive to milk. Whey protein isolate can help a lactose intolerant individual avoid many of the side effects that they would otherwise experience with a whey protein that still contained high levels of lactose.

Whey protein isolate also adds the extra benefit of being a 95% pure protein (or more). This is important for a person who wants a protein supplement that will be much more helpful in creating bigger and leaner muscles while going through a workout regiment. In the same way, whey protein isolate also is beneficial because it reduces the amounts of carbs and sugars that the body will intake compared to the less refined whey protein concentrate.

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