Whey Protein for Women

Often times, whey protein is culturally considered a supplement for men by men. However, this is far from the case. In fact, women can benefit tremendously by taking whey protein regardless of what their physical goals are.

Whey protein can help women attain:


  • More bulk
  • Lean muscle
  • Lose weight
  • Toned frame

The main determination of what results a woman will see when taking whey protein is based on what kind of a protein they take, how much they consume, and the type of physical activity they do on a regular basis.

Whey Protein Builds Strength

A primary characteristic of whey protein is its ability to help the body’s metabolism. It helps give an individual energy during a workout by quickly delivering amino acids to different muscle groups, and helps make them stronger as a result.

A woman looking for a more lean physique should look for a whey protein that is more digestible for their body.

This would mean staying away from whey proteins that have:

  • Higher levels of carbs
  • Saturated fats
  • Lactose

With that said, the opposite is true for those looking to have bigger muscle gains. In that case, a protein that is not as digestible for your body, and focuses more on building bigger muscles to develop power and strength will be desirable.

Whey Protein and Weight Loss

Women have traditionally used whey protein shakes because of its weight loss abilities. Over the past decade, many women have used whey protein shakes as a meal replacement. This is effective for weight loss because it replaces foods that you would otherwise consume that have a lot of saturated fats and sugars in them. Even better is that whey protein is loaded with energy rich protein that provides an individual with motivation and energy throughout the day, and keeps one from feeling hungry most of the time. Whey protein can lower the levels of certain hormones in women’s bodies that help to get rid of the hunger pains and makes them feel full. This hormone change is able to also affect the metabolism that helps the body to burn off fat reserves, and turn that fat into either lean muscle or pure energy that the body can instantly use.

Use Whey Protein Supplements for Energy

As a woman, it can be confusing on what type of whey proteins to take, if any at all. However, it's not as complicated as it seems. Generally speaking, most women are better off with some kind of whey protein supplement to help provide their body more energy, and make their digestive system more efficient. The type and amount of whey protein one consumes should be done with certain goals or objectives that they have in mind. There are specific whey proteins available for women that help to accommodate the different goals one may have. Whether it is for weight loss, building lean muscle, or bulking up, there is a whey protein designed specifically for every situation.

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