Whey Protein For Bodybuilding

Whey protein is one of the biggest products in the sports nutrition market right now. It’s also the best protein supplement that is available to bodybuilders that can help their bodies digest food easier. Since whey protein comes from milk and cheese, those who are lactose intolerant tend to be very leery of whey protein. However, there are high qualities of whey protein that can help when dealing with lactose issues.

Importance of Whey Protein

Man Working Out

A post workout meal is one of the most important meals for bodybuilders. The reason for this is because their muscles have just spent all of their nutrients during the workout and are in the recovery phase that requires fuel. After a workout, one has about a two-hour window to feed their muscles in order to help them have the best recovery possible. This is so that their muscles can become stronger and better developed. However, even if one eats right after a workout, they can miss the window of opportunity if just eating a conventional meal. The reason for this is because the food one takes from a meal will sit in the stomach and wait to digest. Whey protein is an alternative meal one can take that is already “pre-digested,” and ready to feed the body's muscles right away.

Typically one should take their whey protein supplement within a roughly 30 to 60 minute window after a workout. Whey protein has the ability to insert itself directly into the metabolism and deliver vital nutrients to the muscles that will help them to grow. At the same time, it also has the ability to remove toxins such as lactic acid.

Three Major Types of Whey Protein

Whey protein comes in three major forms:

  • Concentrate
  • Isolate
  • Hydrolysate

Whey protein concentrate is the most basic form of whey protein that has been dehydrated from cow’s milk and contains about 25-89% protein, along with remnants of saturated fat and lactose. Both Isolate and Hydrolysate have been through much more processing that makes them anywhere between 95-99% pure protein.

Serious bodybuilders are recommended to take a higher quality protein such as whey isolate or hydrolysate. These forms will make it much easier for the body to digest. This in turn will better help muscles recover after a hard workout.

Those that struggle with allergies to lactose are suggested to try hydrolysate as it is the most refined and pure form. All the lactose has been removed out of the protein so one doesn't have to worry about any leftover milk upsetting their stomach or bodily functions. However, one draw back to whey protein hydrolysate is that it is known to have a bitter, acidic taste.

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