Whey Protein Before or After a Workout?

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When it comes to getting more jacked in the gym, its a no-brainer that whey protein as a supplement is the way to go. Whey protein has incredible muscle building qualities that have helped hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people see better results in their athletic performance. However, there is a debate that has been going on about when to take whey protein. Should it be taken before a workout, or after? Should it be taken in the morning or at night? Put simply, the answer depends on an individual's specific situation.

Whey protein gets it's muscle-building qualities because it is a protein the helps build and repair muscle fibers. On the surface, one could technically say it doesn’t matter when it is taken, so long as one takes the recommended doses to get the amount their body needs. That being said, if one is looking for optimal performance, there is a certain amount of strategy that needs to take place in deciding when to consume a whey protein shake.

Benefits to Taking Whey Protein Before a Workout

There are a lot of benefits to taking a whey protein supplement before a workout. Whey protein helps accelerate the metabolism and starts breaking down food. In turn, this gives the body more energy and starts delivering nutrients quickly to the muscles. This is important because it gets the body's muscles ready to workout, and helps give one the motivation to push their muscles harder, which is key to getting them stronger.

Taking whey protein before a workout can also help process more quickly the foods that are already in one's stomach. This not only helps to get the nutrients faster to your muscles (as stated earlier), but it also can help get rid of the sloggy or drowsy feeling during a workout that can be caused by food sitting in the stomach.

Benefits to Taking Whey Protein After a Workout

Taking whey protein after a workout has benefits as well. After a hard workout, the body's muscles are depleted of nutrients and fuel. In order to recover and rebuild itself so they can become stronger, the muscles instantly need a fuel source to draw on to maximize this process. Taking whey protein after a workout can accomplish this and make sure one's muscles are being supported after a workout.

Whey Protein vs. Food After a Workout

While many believe that eating a meal right after a workout would take care of this, the problem is food takes hours to digest and convert to energy for muscle development. Whey protein, on the other hand, is already a broken down energy source that can be metabolized instantly, and go straight to the muscles to help support their recovery.

Benefits of Taking Whey Protein Before and After Your Workout

Taking whey protein before and after a workout both has its benefits. In fact, it is suggested and recommended that an individual do both. One should divide their daily recommended dose of whey protein into two parts, and then consume half before a workout, and half afterwards. That way, one can take advantage of having nutrients delivered to their muscles before a workout, and support their recovery after the workout.

Whey protein will not negatively affect one if they decide to take it before or after their workout. One will still get the awesome muscle building support it provides. However, if an individual is looking to maximize their muscle development, it is highly recommended that they take a whey protein supplement both before and after a workout to get the best results.

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