Whey Protein as a Meal Replacement

Meal Shake

There are tons of replacement shakes and pre-made foods that companies promise will make you “lose weight and feel great.” Most people that try these are sorely disappointed with both the results and promises made. In light of this, there is one meal replacement that has become very popular due to it being effective and tasting quite good; it’s called whey protein.

Ghrelin Hormone Whey protein as a meal replacement is very effective for many reasons, but the main component that makes it work is its ability to lower the level of the hormone, ghrelin, that the body produces. Ghrelin as a hormone is what affects eating urges and tells the body whether it is “full” or “starving.” The higher levels of ghrelin in the body, the hungrier one feels, making them inclined to eat more. However, the opposite is also true. With low ghrelin levels, one's body will report that it feels full and take away or reduce the hunger reflex. Not only does whey lower the hormones to keep one from being hungry, it also feeds the body highly enriched protein and other nutrients. In fact, its ability to help individuals lose weight and reduce the percentage of body fat that they have is one of the primary reasons people take whey protein as a meal replacement.

Fast and Easy Meal Packed with Nutrients!

Whey protein as a meal replacement is a healthy and convenient way to get what the body needs in the form of nutrients in a quick amount of time without having to wait for physical food to digest. Whey protein is already “pre-digested,” so it can immediately feed the body energy without having to go through the entire digestive process.

Bodybuilding Diet

Many times athletes need to eat in order to get energy before they compete, but want to avoid getting cramps or feeling drowsy that can occur. Taking protein helps to eliminate this problem by providing the athlete energy, and helping them to avoid the complications of having food digest in their system while they're competing.

Whey protein also helps as a meal replacement after a workout or competition as well. After an intense workout or competition, the physical strain on the body depletes the nutrients in the muscles and causes them to become weak. Eating food is able to restore this energy, but it needs to be done quickly in order for the muscles to rehabilitate properly. Often times, regular food that is eaten can take hours to digest and deprive the muscles of vital nutrients during the recovery time period when they need it most. Whey protein offers an already digested form of protein and nutrients that make the metabolism go faster, and instantly feed the muscles the energy they need to aid in their recovery.

Meal Replacement for Anyone!

It doesn’t matter if one is an athlete going after peak performance, or a person just wanting to have healthier eating habits, whey protein can be a choice for a meal replacement. It is suggested that it be used in moderation though, as there can be negative side effects by consuming too much protein over an extended period of time. One should consult a doctor or health professional to see what dosage or meal plan fits their needs the best.

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