Wellinhand Action Remedies, FungiFree Kit 1 Kit

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    Product Description

    • Preparation
    • Penetration
    • Protection
    • Prevention

    Four easy steps to healthy looking nails. These 4 products work in concert to handle the toughest, yellow, thickest, ugliest finger and toe nails!

    The process takes as long as it takes for normal nail to grow in.

    Trim away thick, jagged, discolored nails as they grow out. You may find yourself shopping for sandals very soon!

    First ever system designed to address fungal nail beds. Finger nails and toe nails. Pure ingredients applied topically. No nasty drugs that require liver toxicity testing.

    Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use

    Step 1: Prepare with herbal, aromatherapy castile soap and nail brush. Clean nails and dry thoroughly. Super-infused apple cider vinegar, pure castile soap enhanced by pure essential oils area nail's first defense against stubborn nail fungus.

    Step 2: Penetrate herbal, aromatherapy apple cider vinegar spray. Thoroughly spritz super-infused herbal apple cider vinegar to penetrate nail with herbs and essential oils traditionally used for difficult fungal finger nails and toe nails.

    Step 3: Protect herbal, aromatherapy oil coats nails. Coat nails to protect from the environment and drying out. Massage into treated nails or soak nails for 10 minutes in this herbal.

    Step 4: Prevent herbal, aromatherapy Footwear Powder keeps feet dry and fresh smelling. Bentonite clay, Arrowroot, Myrrh, Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, herbs and pure essential oils. Powder your shoes and boots.

    Supplement Facts

    Step 1: Pure certified vegan, ingredients: saponified (soap based) foaming liquids we make from coconut, olive and jojoba oils, essential oils, aloe vera and rosemary extract, apple cider vinegar, blackseed oil, calendula, and pure essential oils.

    Step 2: Pure certified vegan, ingredients: apple cider vinegar, super-infused with blackseed, creosote, bloodroot, calendula, and pure essential oils.

    Step 3: Pure certified vegan, ingredients: olive oil super-infused with Calendula, Nigella sativa, Creosole herb, Bloodroot, and pure essential oils.

    Step 4: 100% Natural ingredients: Bentonite clay, Arrowroot, herbs and pure essential oils. ´╗┐

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    SKU WIH-34052
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