Wei Laboratories

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2 Item(s)

The products from Wei Laboratories are created after years of vigorous research in the specific areas of science and medicine. They aim to create quality products that offer a blend of traditional medicine with modern medicine.

Types of Wei laboratories Products

Wei Laboratories covers holistic human care and it is safe to say that their products cover all aspects of human well-being. 

Respiratory Products:

  • Lung health
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Nasal passage

Wei Laboratories

Wei Laboratories

Women and Men Health Supplements:

  • Female reproductive health
  • Prostate disorders
  • Menstrual symptoms
  • Libido
  • Menopause

Liver and Gall Bladder Health Products:

  • Liver cleansing and detoxification
  • Bile production

Kidney and Urinary Health Products:

  • Blood detoxification
  • Balancing of minerals
  • Functioning of the kidneys and uncontrollable urination

Emotional Care Supplements:

  • Stress relief
  • Mood enhancement
  • Adrenal fatigue relief
  • Inducing sleep

Digestive System Supplements:

  • Stomach function
  • Food digestion
  • Food allergy/sensitivity
  • Appetite enhancement
  • Nutrition absorption

Health Benefits of Wei Laboratories Products

Maintaining a Healthy Cardiovascular System.

Wei Laboratories

To maintain a healthy cardiovascular Wei laboratories designed an herbal therapy which compares several herbs and adopts the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Some of the herbs used include Porra and Cortex Moutan.

Improves Digestion.

The digestive system involves easy and comfortable digestion of food, absorption of food, and proper functioning of the stomach. The products offered by Wei laboratories aid in the functioning of the gastric.

Keeping the Immune System Healthy.

Wei laboratories has provided a formula which keeps the immune system healthy. According to the Chinese traditional medicine the bitter formula cools the blood because the excess heat is what weakens the immune system.

Maintaining the Kidney Health and Urinary System.

Keeping the minerals and ph. balanced is the first consideration when keeping the kidneys and urinary system healthy. Balancing these two according to traditional Chinese keeps the heart away therefore preventing illnesses. Wei Laboratories has a formula that is designed for kidney and urinary health. 

Maintaining the Muscle and Skeletal System.

The muscle and skeletal system is mostly about movement and these are important body activities. The spring patch for instance is an herbal remedy applied on various parts of the body for proper muscle functioning.

Improves the Respiratory System.

A healthy immune system can help in the maintenance of a healthy respiratory system. The functioning of the lungs and breathing is important for healthy living and therefore a formula is useful in clearing heat from the lungs according to Chinese medicine.

Wei Laboratories Reviews

Wei Laboratories is a pretty much decent manufacturer when it comes to provision of health products. The company was founded by a doctor who knows a lot when it comes to medicine. To ensure the efficiency of the products Wei products uses two concept to produce their products. There is the traditional Chinese medicine then the medical science research.

The products are all natural to ensure no side effects. To ensure no counterfeits and continuous quality only medical professionals are involved in the distribution of the products.