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6 Item(s)

In 2014, Thorne Research celebrated 30 years of being committed to their mission of helping to advance quality health care, not just in the U.S. but all around the world. With a 30-year record of setting standards for quality, not to mention exceptional formulations and a high level of purity; Thorne Research has built and earned a great deal of trust in their brand.

Thorne Research History

For the past thirty years, Thorne Research has managed to continually evolve, as a result of their dedication and innovativeness. Their focus on the health and well-being of each patient has always been a primary concern. This is evident by the many nutritional supplements and organically based skin care products they’ve developed. They also provide valuable health education and diagnostics. Thorne Research nutritional supplements are science-backed.

In their efforts to help effect change in health-care management worldwide, Thorne Research has made many allies. There is no limit to the diversity of partners that they have joined with to succeed in their endeavors. Practitioners all around the globe have patients who benefit from the outcomes related to Thorne Research health options.

Types of Thorne Research Products

Thorne Research

Capsules, powders, or whatever form you happen to buy your supplements in, be assured that they contain pure ingredients. No matter what products you choose to buy, the Thorne Research brand can be trusted.

Among the more popular choices that are typically purchased are:

  • Probiotics
  • Anti-oxidant Supplements
  • Weight Loss Supplements
  • Weight Gain Supplements
  • Central Nervous System Supplements

Thorne Research Product Benefits

The benefits from the few products listed above provide an excellent incentive to purchase Thorne Research nutritional supplements. Probiotics contain bacteria that can help support your gastrointestinal health. The Anti-oxidants help counteract harmful toxins in the body, including those that have been linked to creating cancerous cells.

Thorne Research Weight Loss Supplements are safe, though they have a very effective level of potency. As for Thorne Research weight gain supplements; they will help your body build lean mass. This is thanks to certain amino acids that the supplements contain. Supplements for the Central Nervous System (CNS) come in a whole range of products. Thorne researchers thoroughly understand the important role that the CNS plays when it comes to our continued health and well-being.

When you decide to take regular nutritional supplements, you will discover that the composition of active ingredients is much higher. Supplements are generally blended to for more potency, but being derived from natural foods, safety is not an issue. You can enjoy them when you want, at your own convenience.

Thorne Research Reviews

One 5-star review had this to say about one of Thorne’s supplemental products:

“I like the fact that they use the Methyl form of B-12 and folic acid. As they explain in their literature, the methyl form is what the body uses and it’s a more efficient way to supplement.”

Another vitamin B deficient consumer also gave the same product 5 stars and wrote:

“My tiredness just vanished and I have energy all day long. Bad sleep and hallucinations i use to have during nighttime disappeared... This product changed my life.”

Consumers seem to have just as much appreciation for Thorne supplements that help with other vitamin deficiencies as well.

After stumbling onto the right supplement that helped with his depression, one reviewer had this to say:

“…my Vitamin D levels went from 34 nd/mL to 66.34 nd/mL…” This same review went on to say: “I am feeling about the best I have ever felt. Getting your Vitamin D levels in the appropriate range is critical for optimal health and overcoming depression.”

You can find other rave reviews about various Thorne Research products. Among them is this one concerning a Thorne Research weight management product. He stated that the product was "worth its weight in gold" after having lost 12 pounds in 10 days.

Although everyone’s results will be different, based on their individual situation; the previous information clearly shows how Thorne Research supplements can help improve your quality of life!