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    Siliphos provides all the benefits of silymarin and phosphatidylcholine in one compound! Siliphos is a phytosome, which is a water soluble flavonoid (in this case silybin) that has been made lipid friendly by the addition of phosphatidylcholine. This allows for better incorporation of this hepatoprotective flavonoid into hepatic cell membranes. Of the three flavonoids comprising silymarin, silybin predominates and is the most potent. Clinical studies indicate the silybin-phosphatidylcholine complex in Siliphos provides superior bioavailability when compared to conventional
    silymarin products.

    Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is not merely a passive “carrier” for the bioactive flavonoid silybin, but is itself a bioactive nutrient with documented clinical efficacy for liver disease, including alcoholic hepatic steatosis, drug-induced liver damage, and hepatitis. Silybin protects the liver by conserving
    glutathione in the parenchymal cells, while PC helps repair and replace cell membranes. These constituents likely offer the synergistic benefit of sparing liver cells from destruction.

    Supplement Facts

    Supplement Facts Dosage:1 - 3 capsules tid
    Each Capsule Contains DV%
    Siliphos (Silybum marianum-Phosphatidylcholine complex)
    180 mg
    *Daily Value (DV) not established
    SF733/ 90

    A woman who is pregnant or nursing, or who might become pregnant, should consult a health-care practitioner before using this product.

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    Name Thorne Research, Siliphos 90 capsules
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    Product Type Corn Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic, Wheat Free, Yeast Free


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