Testosterone Side Effects

The Testosterone hormone has become a very popular supplement in the past decade for men who are aging, and bodybuilders looking to get a better pump on in the gym. A lot of this has become popular because of the perceived benefits that testosterone has for males who take it as a supplement, and studies have shown that there is a lot of truth in this.

Caution: Has Side Effects

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary hormone that is responsible for the sexual development of males. It’s also the primary chemical that initiates puberty and causes a boy to shift into manhood with a deeper voice, facial hair, and body hair. As such, it is also the primary hormone responsible for muscle development that helps to enlarge and strengthen muscles. However, as a man ages, testosterone levels start dropping and sexual drive, sexual potency, muscle strength, energy, and the amount of hair a man has decreases. This is a primary driver for men to take testosterone supplements that help reverse or slow down many of these effects. There are also many men that don’t necessarily have a problem with lower testosterone levels in their body, but take testosterone supplements in order to increase their energy and muscle mass, which is a popular benefit that testosterone supplements provide.

What Happens if You Have Too Much Testosterone?

If a man has too much testosterone in their body, it can have significantly negative side effects. One of the biggest problems the body can have when consuming too much of a testosterone supplement is that it can cause an individual to go into cardiac arrest, and have a heart attack. This is the result of too much work being placed on the heart by the elevated levels of testosterone that accelerates the heart to create more blood flow to the muscles.

Can Testosterone Supplements Create Blood Clots?

A side effect of taking testosterone supplements is an increased risk of stroke that requires clearing of the arteries in order to save one's life. This main reason an individual may have a stroke after taking testosterone supplements is because the testosterone hormone causes red blood cells to increase in size and makes the blood become thick in the arteries, which form blood clots.

Testosterone and Sleep

There has been problems related to sleep apnea with people taking testosterone supplements because of the amount of energy that is produced in the body from the t-hormone. Testosterone is able to accelerate both the metabolism and blood flow to cause your body to never fall in the rest mode. This can create problems when an individual is trying to sleep, even when they are mentally and physically exhausted.

Does Testosterone Make You Aggressive?

Over consuming testosterone supplements can also lead to the side effect of a hormone imbalance. This is very easy thing to do because testosterone is already created in the body and is produced on a daily basis. If an individual goes over the recommended dose of testosterone, this can lead to the body creating too much of the t-hormone and making the individual irritable or emotional. This can lead to fits of violent rage and other aggressive behaviors. Because of this, an individual must be careful when taking any kind of supplement – especially testosterone supplements. Taking too much testosterone will not only lead to immediate negative side effects, but also causes severe health problems down the road. It is always strongly suggested that before taking any testosterone supplement that an individual check with their doctor or a health expert to make sure it will not negatively affect their body. When taking a t-hormone supplement, it is imperative to always follow the directions and recommended dose so that one does not put their health at risk in any way.

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