Testosterone Pills

Testosterone is a growth hormone in the body present in both males and females. However, the kicker is that men usually have about 10 times more of it than women. This is important to understand for guys because testosterone is responsible for their sexual development, and is in fact what gives them their “manly” characteristics. Traits often associated with being male like a deeper voice, body hair, larger muscle mass, and the development of testes all are caused by testosterone. So, if a male’s body is lacking the capacity to produce adequate amounts of testosterone, any number of these developments can be affected.

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Why Should One Take Testosterone Pills?

Testosterone can be supplemented in the body through the use of testosterone pills, powders, or gels. Out of these three options, typically testosterone pills are the most popular route to go because of the bad taste that is often associated with testosterone powder, and the sometimes messy nature of testosterone gels. Taking testosterone in pill form can help solve both of these problems. Testosterone is very important for different body functions, especially for males. So if a man is lacking energy, sexual drive, or muscle mass; then a testosterone pill is something he may want to consider.

Benefits of Testosterone Pills

In regards to sexual health, testosterone pills can help increase the growth of red blood cells. This provides more nutrients in the blood that are being delivered to different organs and muscle groups in the body. Typically when one becomes tired, it is either because your red blood cell count is low or your metabolism is slow. One of the only ways for this to be increased in a “natural” state without caffeine or a synthetic substance is by having the body produce more testosterone. Testosterone pills can do this by adding the amino acid L-Arginine and DHEA to your body. This triggers the body to start increasing testosterone production, and in turn starts accelerating the growth of red blood cells. Also, testosterone is able to start stimulating one's metabolism so that it begins to process foods faster, and break down nutrients that can be quickly sent to the brain for energy.

Testosterone Pills Increase Sex Drive

With this increased energy and blood flow, testosterone pills are also able to increase a male's libido and give them a higher sex drive. As males, it can become common for men over the age of 40 to begin losing their sex drive and having erectile dysfunction due to a lack of blood flow in the body. This is because as males age, their body begins to slow down its production of testosterone. While there are natural ways for men to overcome this problem as they age by doing more physical exercises and having a better diet, sometimes this is not enough.

Testosterone Pills Increase Muscle Mass

By taking a testosterone supplement pill, a man can help offset some effects that aging has on testosterone production. On the other hand, while women could also possibly receive certain benefits from a testosterone pill, their bodies are typically able to produce adequate amounts of what they need their entire lives. That being said, like men, sometimes they can take a testosterone pill to increase muscle mass. This is because testosterone is responsible for stimulating the amino acids that build the muscle fibers through a process called “protein synthesis.”

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