Testosterone in Women

Testosterone supplements have been incredibly popular in recent years to help an individual with a low sex drive, low energy, or loss of muscle mass. Most of these supplements have been marketed to men, for the primary reason that testosterone is the main hormone that affects a man’s sexual and muscle development.

Testosterone Woman

Just like men, women also receive a certain amount of their sex drive from testosterone. The testosterone produced in a woman’s body is also what supports her bone and muscle growth, and helps with mental health and wellness. While women also have testosterone to be produced in their bodies to help them develop correctly, their bodies are much more sensitive to elevated levels of testosterone production in their body. If a woman starts to have issues with her sex drive, energy, or wants to gain more muscle, she could take testosterone supplements to help in those areas.

Side Effects Of Testosterone In Women

Women’s bodies have much more aggressive side effects than men if their testosterone levels become too high. This can cause serious consequences for a woman. For example, elevated levels of the t-hormone being developed in a woman can cause her to start having male patterned baldness. A woman with high levels of testosterone being developed can also develop facial hair, a deepening voice, and facial acne. The reason for this is because testosterone is actually the primary hormone that develops males through adolescence and puberty.

Testosterone is effectively what turns a boy into a physically mature man. Therefore, a woman taking a testosterone supplement could possibly experience the previously mentioned symptoms. This is why it is not recommended that women take testosterone supplements, unless advised otherwise by her doctor.

Is Testosterone In Birth Control?

Despite the recommendation against a woman consuming a testosterone supplement, there is a small amount of testosterone generated from birth control medication. That being said, the amount created by a birth control supplement is small enough to not cause any significant health issues like what would be created if she were taking a t-hormone supplement.

Is It Ever Okay For Women To Take A Testosterone Supplement?

Just like men, women need testosterone to be produced by their body. However, women only need a fraction of what is produced in a man's body, specifically its about eight to ten times less. In the female body, testosterone is created through the ovaries, much the same way that testosterone is created by the testicles in a male. This explains why a woman that has had her ovaries removed should be placed on a testosterone supplement to compensate for the lack of production of the t-hormone that is no longer taking place. However, circumstances like this are the exception and not the rule.

Testosterone For Muscle Growth

As with all testosterone supplements, it is very important that one check with their doctor or a health professional before taking one. For women, it is advisable to refrain from a testosterone supplement for muscle development unless advised by a health professional to do so.

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