Testosterone Cream

Testosterone is primarily a hormone that is produce in the male testicles; however, it is also produced in much smaller amounts in females by their ovaries. So while women never really have a problem with testosterone levels, it is much more important for men to make sure that their body is producing enough. If it isn’t, important biological functions like muscle growth, energy, and sexual reproductive health can be at stake. When a person has low levels of testosterone in their body, they can develop a condition that is known as hypogonadism, which requires treatment of testosterone cream.

How Does One Apply Testosterone Cream Correctly?

Testosterone Cream

If a person is in need of boosting their testosterone because of hypogonadism, then they will apply testosterone cream to their bodies. To do this correctly, they need to apply testosterone cream on their arms, shoulders, and abdomen to get the best results. Typically, most testosterone creams come with a pump applicator that will push out half a daily dose that a person will need to apply to their skin twice a day. Due to the fact the effectiveness of testosterone cream is sensitive to how it's applied, there are a couple things one should know.

Apply Testosterone Cream To Clean Areas

First, even before one applies testosterone cream they should clean the areas of their body they will put it on with soap and water. This in order to wash out clogged pores, dirt, or bacteria that has accumulated. Following that, on needs to dry the area, as to make sure the water won’t dilute the testosterone that is being applied. From there, it's just a simple manner of pushing on the pump applicator to expel the testosterone cream into one's hand, and then apply it to their arms, shoulders, and stomach area.

After Applying Testosterone Cream

Immediately following the application process, one must wash their hands. This is to make sure that they are not transferring testosterone to other people who don’t need it, or shouldn’t take it. It is also important to make sure that one doesn't start accumulating large amounts of testosterone in just one area of the body. Doing so can lead to an unnatural amount of hair growth because of the over concentration of testosterone in that area.

Cover Up Areas Where Testosterone Cream Was Applied

It is very important to cover the areas where testosterone cream has been applied with clothing. This prevents physical contact by individuals that should not be exposed to additional testosterone. One must be particularly careful to protect children and women, especially women who may be pregnant or are nursing. Any testosterone a woman comes into contact with can harm their unborn child or a child that they are nursing. Another important reason one needs to be careful about only keeping their testosterone cream on themselves and avoid passing it to other people is that many individuals actually can have allergic reactions to topical testosterone that can cause a rash or burning sensation.

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