Testosterone and Sexual Health

Man and Woman

Testosterone is the hormone directly responsible for sexual development in the male gender. Being created in the testes, testosterone oversees the sexual development and reproductive health of men. While women also are affected by testosterone in their sexual development (created in the ovaries), it plays a significantly less role with them, and they have much smaller levels of it in their bodies.

Why Is Testosterone Important For Sexual Health?

With men, testosterone is the primary hormone and ingredient in their sex drive. It is what provides the energy and the need to reproduce. Testosterone affects every aspect of a man's ability to reproduce and engage in sexual intimacy.

What Happens When Testosterone Levels Decrease?

Often times, as men get older, levels of testosterone begin to be produced at lower levels in the body. As a result of this drop in the t-hormone, men lose energy and the ability to have fertile sperm. Granted, while sperm can have the ability to fertilize a female egg during the entire life of a man, it becomes much less potent as he gets older, and the chances of conception during intercourse drop significantly. This happens because testosterone is the key ingredient for fertile sperm, without it (or in low levels), sperm becomes neutralized. This has become important in recent years as research has been conducted on how to improve sexual health for men, and it always comes back to having proper levels of testosterone being produced by the body.

In addition to sperm-related issues, erectile dysfunction is sometimes linked to low tesosterone levels. For example, a man's inability to maintain an erection many times is caused by a lack of blood flow in the body, or the lack of sexual energy. Many times this is the result of not having enough testosterone in the body. Testosterone allows for an increase in blood flow to the reproductive organs so that the physiology of the body is able to create an erection in preparation for intercourse. Aside from sex-related complications, a man's metabolic rate in the body may be low on account of low testosterone. Without the metabolism being fed by testosterone, it becomes harder to break down food faster so the metabolism can turn it into energy that the body can use instantly.

Why Is Testosterone Important?

Without a man's body being able to manufacture the proper amounts of the T-hormone, a loss of sex drive, sexual potency, and sexual energy can result. This can spell bad news for a man and his significant other.

Testosterone Supplements

One way to help improve sexual health with testosterone is to take a testosterone supplement. If one is suffering from low levels of testosterone, or would like to see a little bit more edge in their sexual health, one of the best things that can be done is to take a testosterone supplement. With sexual health and performance on the line, that is something you very few people would be willing to risk.

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