Increasing Testosterone

Testosterone Man

Testosterone is a significant growth hormone that is important for both men and women. However, the amounts present in men are anywhere between 8 to 10 times than that of women. This is because high levels of testosterone are actually what makes the male gender what they are. Even before a male is born, larger amounts of the testosterone hormone are what develop a male's testes prior to birth. Eventually, as the male grows they enter puberty, which is initiated by an increase in testosterone that the male body develops.

Can Supplements Increase Testosterone?

There are several ways to increase Testosterone levels, both natural and through the use of supplementation. The body is what actually produces the hormone testosterone, so one can’t actually “eat” or “consume” testosterone. An individual can really only perform certain activities, or eat certain amino acids and biological compounds that put the body in a state where it can increase its testosterone production.

Testosterone can be increased with supplements such as:

All three of these provide certain amino acids or biological compounds to the body that stimulate the metabolism, or increase the production of red bloods cells. By having a faster metabolism and healthier blood, the body is then able to increase the levels of testosterone that it makes by a considerable margin.

Working Out Can Increase Testosterone Levels

The natural way you can increase testosterone is by exercising. Performing physically exerting exercises causes the body to increase muscle fiber rehabilitation, which stimulates the body to increase its testosterone production. This is often times why individuals who workout have more of a natural energy to them then those who don’t. The brain also sends signals to one's organs to produce testosterone when working out in order to help prepare the muscles for use.

Increasing Testosterone Naturally With A Better Diet

One can also increase testosterone naturally by consuming less sugar. Testosterone production can be inhibited when insulin and glucose levels are not controlled to appropriate levels. If an individual's body is producing too much, or too little insulin, testosterone level issues can result. In addition, it is also possible to produce more testosterone if one loses weight by eating a better diet of foods with less saturated fat.

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