Teeccino, Mediterranean Herbal Coffee Mocha Medium Roast Caffeine Free 11 oz

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    Product Description

    • Naturally Caffeine Free
    • Non Acidic
    • No Caf
    • 75% Organic
    • Lush Chocolate Over the Essence of Coffee; a Hint of Sweetness
    • Full, Smooth Body
    • All-Purpose Grind
    • Certified Organic by QAI
    • Kosher Parve

    Healthy Pleasures with Teeccino

    Now you can enjoy a steaming cup of deliciously rich, deep-roasted, fresh brewed flavor that delivers all the satisfaction without the caffeine and acidity of coffee! Teeccino (tea chee no) is a nutritious blend of Mediterranean herbs, grains, fruits, and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew and taste like coffee.

    Every cup offers you many health benefits:

    • Naturally caffeine-free ? no processing or chemical residues
    • Non acidic ? helps restore alkaline balance
    • Natural energy boost ? from nutrients, not stimulants
    • Heart-healthy potassium and soluble fiber
    • Inulin ? naturally from chicory root, supports beneficial microflora that improve digestion, elimination and intestinal health.

    Beyond Fair Trade: Creating New Trade!

    Most of Teeccino's ingredients are grown in Europe and the USA by first world farmers. We source organic chicory in India and wild-crafted ramon nuts in Guatemala, from small family farmers and rainforest villagers. These ingredients create new trade that provides more economic opportunities where income is scarce. By drinking Teeccino, you join us in supporting families devoted to organic, fair trade values in both first world and developing countries.

    Protect the gift of good health with Teeccino!

    Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use Teeccino Mediterranean Herbal Coffee Mocha Directions <br><p>Brew and Serve Just Like Coffee!<br>Adjust brewing strength and add milk, non-dairy milk, and sweetener or drink black according to personal preference.</P> <p>Drip Coffee Maker<br>Use 1 rounded Tbsp per 2 cups of water.</P> <p>Filter Cone<br>Use 1 rounded Tbsp per 10 oz. of water.<br>Permanent filters work best and save trees!</P> <p>French Press<br>Add 1-2 Tbsp to '3-cup' pots, 3-4 Tbsp to '8-cup' pots. Steep for 3 minutes.</P> <p>Espresso Machine<br>Use double porta-filter and 1-2 rounded Tbsp. Brew according to machine instructions.</P> <p>Iced Teeccino<br>Chill brewed Teeccino. Teeccino can last days when refrigerated! Or, make a strong brew by using 2 Tbsp. per 2 cups water and pour the hot brew over ice. Add cold milk or non-dairy milk and sweeten to taste.</P> <p>Kick the Caffeine Habit in 2 Weeks!<br>Begin brewing 3/4 coffee to 1/4 Teeccino. Gradually decrease coffee and increase Teeccino until you are caffeine-free!</P> <br> Nutrient Facts <br>Serving Size: 1 tbsp. <br>Servings Per Container: 31 <table Border="1" cellSpacing="0" cellpadding="1"> <tbody><tr><td></TD><td>Amt Per Serving</TD><td>% Daily Value</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Calories</TD><td>20</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Calories from Fat</TD><td>0</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Total Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Saturated Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Trans Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Cholesterol</TD><td>0 mg</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Sodium</TD><td>20 mg</TD><td>1%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Potassium</TD><td>65 mg</TD><td>2%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Total Carbohydrate</TD><td>4 g</TD><td>1%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Dietary Fiber</TD><td>1 g</TD><td>4%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Sugars</TD><td>1 g</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Protein</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Inulin</TD><td>650 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Caffeine</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin A</TD><td></TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin C</TD><td></TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Calcium</TD><td></TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Iron</TD><td></TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></
    Supplement Facts Roasted organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, dates, almonds, natural mocha flavor, organic dates, cocoa powder, figs. Contains: Almonds.

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    SKU 14097
    Name Teeccino, Mediterranean Herbal Coffee Mocha Medium Roast Caffeine Free 11 oz
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    Brand Teeccino
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    Package Description 11 OZ
    Product Type 70%+ Organic


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