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    Yaeyama Chlorella is 100% fresh-water chlorella, grown on the coral reef island of Ishigaki, Japan. Chlorella may enhance health naturally by supporting the immune system and promoting energy, vitality, and natural cleansing. Yaeyama Chlorella is rich in chlorella growth factor (CGF), vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, and other phytonutrients. It is spray dried using a special process that breaks the cell wall, yet preserves the nutrients within, ensuring a highly digestible and nutrient-rich product.

    Powerful Green Nutrition
    Chlorella are green, single-cell microalgae that flourish in fresh water ponds and lakes worldwide. These plants are so tiny they must be seen under a microscope, yet they are a powerhouse of essential health nutrients. Though chlorella is one of the oldest life forms on the planet, it was not
    until the early 1950’s that serious work began in Japan to harvest its nutritional potential. Since then it has become one of Japan’s most popular food supplements.

    Chlorella’s Nutritional Benefits
    Through the process of photosynthesis, chlorella uses the energy of sunlight to produce healthful chlorophyll at greater concentrations than any other known plant on earth. Chlorophyll has often been termed “nature’s healer.” Its effectiveness in detoxification, blood building and cellular protection have been recognized by numerous practitioners and researchers. While chlorophyll is present in every plant, chlorella is the richest known source. Chlorella is a rich source of protein and includes all the amino acids essential to human nutrition. YAEYAMA CHLORELLA in particular is about 2/3 protein. This makes it an important food for vegetarians. Chlorella also supplies chlorella growth factor (CGF), a special growth factor found to be rich in DNA and believed to support cellular health and function. Chlorella also contains vitamins, minerals, and the antioxidant beta carotene in a complex of mixed carotenoids. Chlorella may support the immune system and promote energy, vitality, and natural cleansing.

    The Yaeyama company is known the world over for its 100% fresh-water chlorella, grown on the coral reef island of Ishigaki, Japan. The special spray-dry process used by Yaeyama results in some of the highest quality, most digestible chlorella on the market. YAEYAMA CHLORELLA is rigorously tested by the Japanese government and independent laboratories—and it contains absolutely no added binders, fillers, or flow agents.

    Suggested Use:
    10 tablets daily with food.

    Supplement Facts

    Supplement Facts
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 10 Tablets
      Amount Per Serving % DV
    Yaeyama Chlorella 2 g
    Yielding Approximately:
       Protein 1 g 2%
       Vitamin A (as beta-carotene) 1,510 IU 30%
       Vitamin C 2 mg 4%
       Thiamin (vitamin B-1) 38 mcg 2%
       Riboflavin (vitamin B-2) 116 mcg 6%
       Niacin 612 mcg 2%
       Vitamin B-6 48 mcg 2%
       Vitamin B-12 0.20 mcg 2%
       Magnesium 5 mg <2%
       Iron 2 mg 10%
       Potassium 17 mg <2%
       Chlorella Growth Factor 354 mg *
       Chlorophyll 76 mg *
       Mixed Carotenoids 13 mg *

    *Daily Value not established.

    Other Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.

    Warning: If you are pregnant, may becom

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