Smile Brite, Replaceable Head Toothbrush Nylon Double Tip Head Extra-Soft

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    Product Description

    • Replaceable Head System - Economical, Ecological, Hygienic, Safe, & Easy
    • Patented "E-Z Snug" System - Safe & Easy Head Replacement
    • Double-Tip Variable Bristle Height - Cleans Deep Into Crevices & Massages Gums
    • No Synthetic Bristle Dyes
    • Extra-Soft Bristles - Dentist Recommended
    • E-Z Grip Handle - Effective Brushing

    Another example of Smile Brite's commitment to world leadership in dental technology is the patented Smile Brite Replaceable Head Toothbrush System. This product represents the ultimate merger of superior dental care with environmental awareness. The replaceable head has several advantages:

    First, it saves you money. When the head wears out, you pay only for the replacement heads, rather than for a whole new toothbrush.

    Second, it's good for the planet. By cutting down on the number of handles repeatedly thrown away, you can help alleviate problems of landfill overflow and waste disposal in your local environment. All Smile Brite toothbrushes come with one replacement head; when it has worn out, you may continue to purchase convenient Smile Brite Replacement Head Packs containing 3 heads until it is finally time for a new handle.

    Third, Smile Brite replaceable head toothbrushes are hygienic. Any toothbrush will become less effective over time, due to deterioration of bristles and the buildup of bacteria. Dentists tell you to change toothbrushes ever 2-4 months. It is particularly important to replace a germ-filled toothbrush after a bout with the cold or flu; this helps avoid reinfection during your recovery. However, few people actually keep to this schedule -- we forget to get new toothbrushes or fail to keep a reserve supply on hand. With Smile Brite, however, replacing a toothbrush is easy with our patented "E-Z Snug System" -- you just pull off the old head, push on the new one, and brush! You get one head with your first purchase and three heads with each replacement pack, so you should always have some on hand. Better replacement habits mean better care of your teeth and gums. By using Smile Brite™, you can always achieve optimum care levels for your teeth and gums by disposing worn-out toothbrushes before they harm your dental health.

    Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use

    Dentists recommend that you not apply heavy pressure when brushing. This can damage teeth and fray or damage toothbrush bristles. The most important factor is to consistently brush and to reach all surfaces of your teeth. Dentists recommend you replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months for optimum oral care. It is essential to replace your toothbrush immediately if it shows signs of fraying or broken bristles.´╗┐

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    SKU SMB-80122
    Name Smile Brite, Replaceable Head Toothbrush Nylon Double Tip Head Extra-Soft
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