Rewards Banners

We want to make promoting your code easy! So we've made banners that you can copy to your blog, social media site, or website to start promoting and earning now!

You can add a banner to your website two different ways:

Copy the Banner Link

  • Choose the banner you want to display on your website.
  • Click in the text box that is under the banner you want.
  • Right click on the highlighted text and select copy, or once text is highlighted simply type Ctrl-C.
  • Paste text by using Ctrl-V or right click + paste to your desired destination on your website.

Copy the Banner Image

  • Right click on the banner you want.
  • Click on "Save image as..."
  • Select a destination on your computer to save the banner.
  • Copy the saved image onto your web server.
  • Place a link to the copied image on your web page.

Don't know your referral code?
You can find your code by logging into your account and clicking on "Access Rewards Manager". There you will see your code under "My Referral Code".

How can I change my code?
To change your code to something unique to you, click on "Settings" in the rewards manager page. There you will see the field with your current referral code. Simply type in that field to change your code.

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