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    What Is It?
    Super CitriMax Plus™ is an all-natural, non-stimulating clinically studied formula consisting of Garcinia cambogia fruit extract (standardized for hydroxycitric acid, or HCA), chromium polynicotinate, and Gymnema sylvestre extract.*

    Features Include
    • Garcinia cambogia extract, supporting natural weight management without stimulating the central nervous system. This extract influences appetite and energy levels naturally by redirecting calories from fat productio  towards increasing glycogen production and storage. In addition, (-)HCA inhibits the pathway of fatty acid biosynthesis and promotes healthy blood lipid levels.*
    • Chromium polynicotinate, enhancing the effectiveness of (-)HCA, chromium inhibits the synthesis of new fat from carbohydrates, thus freeing the mitochondria to burn already stored fat. This mineral also is important for enzyme activation and may potentially promote Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) activity, helping to maintain healthy glucose metabolism and supporting body composition.*
    • Gymnema sylvestre, supporting pancreas function and healthy glucose metabolism. Studies report that this extract is supportive of enzyme activity for glucose utilization and helps moderate glucose uptake into the intestines. Furthermore, Gymnema also has the potential to support healthy lipid and triglyceride metabolism.*

    Uses For Super CitriMax Plus™

    Support For Lean Body Composition: A recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center and Creighton University School of Pharmacy, examined the effects of Super CitriMax Plus on various aspects of body composition. The results indicated support for lean body composition, healthy serotonin levels, and improved body mass index. This concentrated formula also increased output of urinary fat metabolites, indicating increased fat degradation. In addition, it decreased serum leptin levels, improving signals that moderate food intake in the brain. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have recently confirmed that HCA is absorbed and retained by overweight subjects. At Creighton University, Super Citrimax increased the release and availability of serotonin in brain tissue. ChromeMate (chromium polynicotinate) supports healthy weight in combination with exercise for overweight females, as indicated by a study at the University of Texas, Austin. In a separate, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, ChromeMate promoted healthy body composition in overweight women.*

    What Is The Source?
    This formula contains: Garcinia cambogia (fruit) extract, standardized to contain 60%(-) hydroxycitric acid; chromium polynicotinate, synthetically derived; and Gymnema sylvestre (leaves) extract, standardized to contain 75% gymnemic acids; vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate) (corn dextrose fermentation). Super CitriMax Plus™ and ChromeMate® chromium (polynicotinate) are trademarks of InterHealth, N.I. ChromeMate® brand chromium (polynicotinate) U.S. patents 4,923,855; 4,954,492; 5,194,615 and worldwide patents. Super CitriMax Plus™ brand (-)hydroxycitric acid patent pending.

    Pure Encapsulations recommends 3 capsules 3 times per day, 30-60 minutes before meals.

    Are There Any Potential Side Effects Or Precautions?
    At this time, there are no known side effects or precautions. If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before

    Supplement Facts

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 3 Vegetable Capsules
    Garcinia cambogia extract
    1,500 mg
    chromium (polynicotinate) 200 mcg
    Gymnema sylvestre extract 133 mg
    vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate) 30 mg

    3 capsules 3 times per day, 30 to 60 minutes before meals.

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    Name Pure Encapsulations, Super Citrimax 180 capsules
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    Brand Pure Encapsulations
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    Serving Size 3
    Product Type Egg Free, Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic, Vegetarian, Wheat Free


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