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    Product Description

    Nutra Origin Fish Oil High Potency Description:
    • OMEGA-3 Fish Oil Supplement
    • World's Only Fish Oil Supplement Tested in Rigorous Clinical Trials
    • Ultra High-Performance and Purity
    • Significant Impact on Health
    • 1200 MG EPA
    • 800 MG DHA
    • The Clinically Proven Choice

    A pioneering clinical study involved 30 subjects to assess the impact of NutraOrigin Fish Oil High Potency in alleviating symptoms associated with lack of sleep. In addition to the many well-known benefits, results in new areas proved astonishing.

    Effects attributed to the NutraOrigin product, versus a placebo (identical capsules filled with olive oil), included:

    • Improved emotional and physical well-being
    • Reduced anxiety
    • Reduced drowsiness
    • Improved accuracy on tests and
    • Improved reaction time

    Unlike most brands, which rely on anecdotal evidence, NutraOrigin's fish oil is the world's first line of supplements subjected to the same kin of rigorous clinical trials as are leading pharmaceuticals.

    Omega-3 fatty acids have remarkable potential to improve human health and are recommended by most health-care professionals. Some benefits have been proven through placebo-controlled clinical trials of NutraOrigin products, and other benefits are still under study. NutraOrigin is the only brand of Omega-3 products tested in extensive clinical trials, thus the only brand that can guarantee benefits.

    Manufacturers of fish oil supplements are only required to conform to Good Manufacturing Practices to insure the quality of their products. However, GMPs fall well short of the rigorous processes employed in pharmaceutical development and placebo-controlled trials - the processes employed by NutraOrigin to unlock the full potential of Omega-3 fatty acids for the human body.

    In a groundbreaking double-blind study of NutraOrigin supplements, subjects in two groups were tested for reaction time, sleep deprivation, ability to focus, and other indicators. One group too NutraOrigin Omega-3 Fish Oil High Potency, and a second group took a placebo (identical capsule filled with olive oil). In the NutraOrigin group, test subjects demonstrated a significant improvement in all factors across the board.

    This product is the result of years of clinical research, development, and novel manufacturing techniques that establish a new reference for purity, potency, bioavailability, and quality.

    Free Of Wheat, gluten, yeast, milk, lactose, crustacean shellfish, flavor, sweetener, artificial colors or preservatives, sugar, starch, sodium. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use Nutra Origin Fish Oil High Potency Directions <br><p>For adults, take up to four (4) softgels daily with food or as directed by your health-care practitioner.</P> <p> </P> <br> Supplement Facts <br>Serving Size: 4 Softgels <br>Servings Per Container: 30 <table Border="1" cellSpacing="0" cellpadding="1"> <tbody><tr><td></TD><td>Amt Per Serving</TD><td>% Daily Value</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Calories</TD><td>40</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Calories from Fat</TD><td>40</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Total Fat</TD><td>4 g</TD><td>8%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Saturated Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Polyunsaturated Fat less than</TD><td>4 g</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Monounsaturated Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Cholesterol</TD><td>40 mg</TD><td>12%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Fish Oil</TD><td>4000 mg (4 g)</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Total Omega-3</TD><td>2400 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Eicosapentaenoic Acid</TD><td>1200 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Docosahexaenoic Acid</TD><td>800 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids</TD><td>400 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> </TABLE> *Daily value not established. Other Ingredients: Gelatin, vegetable glycerin, mixed natural tocopherols. Contains fish (anchovy, mackerel, sardine) ingredients.<br>Shell Ingredients:Gelatin, vegetable glycerin, pruified water.<p> Allergen statement: This product is produced in a facility that produces products containing fish, soy, and crustacean shellfish. Warnings CAUTION: If pregnant or nursing, or taking medication - including blood thinning medication - consult your health-care practitioner before use. Do not use before surgery.

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