Now Foods, Air Cleansing Essential Oils Starter Kit

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Availability: In stock

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Now Foods, Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

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Now Foods, Lemon Oil - 1 oz.

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Now Foods, Tea Tree Oil - 1 oz.

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Now Foods, Grapefruit Oil - 1 oz.

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Product Description

The Now Foods Essential Oils Air Cleansing Starter Kit comes equipped with the necessary oils needed to give your home or office the perfect natural blend of refreshing air.

  • 1 oz. Lemon oil
  • 1 oz. Tea tree oil
  • 1 oz. Grape fruit
  • 1 Now Foods oil diffuser

Tea tree oil has both antibacterial as well as antiviral properties which make it ideal for helping treat respiratory infections. When diffused into the air, it will help relieve such conditions as congestion in the bronchioles, influenza, sinuses and colds.

Grape fruit oil will rid of mold in the air, help relieve stress, uplift moods and reduce the feeling of fatigue. When added to the diffuser, the grape fruit oil produces a citrus like smell that is quite mentally soothing.

Lemon oil is associated with a fresh and clean sensation. It has a cooling effect and improves concentration. Its anti-bacterial properties make it quite helpful when it comes to cleansing the air.

Combining Tea Tree, Grape Fruit, and Lemon Oils

These essential oils keeps the house feeling fresh while at the same time soothing. This combination will make the air healthier by diluting the microorganisms and harmful bacteria in it. The starter kit brings the oils together making the aroma all the more refreshing, balanced, and effective.

Instructions for the Now Foods Oil Diffuser

The diffuser provided releases the oils into the air in form of vapor. It works best when placed at an elevated location in the room. Add a drop from each bottle of oil to water into the diffuser to have them mixed and released into the air.

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SKU P1236
Name Now Foods, Air Cleansing Essential Oils Starter Kit
Brand Now Foods


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