Non-profit Fundraising Ideas

Non-profit Fundraising Ideas

The HD Rewards Program is a great way for non-profit organizations or charities to get money or free products from Groups and organizations can get free cash or health, beauty, household, and baby products simply by promoting your reward code. Here's how to start:

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HealthDesigns is passionate about helping our communities grow and succeed. We've created an exclusive non-profit feature for our Rewards Program. Once your rewards account hits over $50, we are giving you the option to cash out! So you can use that money for your organization!

Unique Fundraising Ideas

There are many fun activities you can do to help raise money and get your community engaged.


1. Car Wash - This is a fun activity for all ages! Find a location off a high traffic road and coordinate members to wash cars. Charging $5 is a great price and will bring more people in and raise tons of money!

2. Yard Sale - Have group members, family, and friends donate gently used items, and sell them at a community yard sale.

3. Buy a Meal - Volunteers, members, and friends donate homemade meals to sell.

4. Bake Sale - Have people bring in freshly baked foods and hold a bake sale for your community, this is definitely a crowd favorite!

5. Karaoke - This is a fun one! Participants enter a singing contest or even a lip-syncing contest by putting a certain amount of money down. Have a fun prize they can win, and even sell tickets for the performance.

6. Going Hairless - Have a member volunteer to shave their head/facial hair if a certain amount of money is raised. Especially if you want that terrible mustache gone!

7. Dollar Drive - This one is super easy and very effective. Simply have people donate $1 to raise money. It seems small, but if you have enough people it adds up fast!

8. CookBook - Family and Friends give away their best family recipes. Members collect them all and create a cookbook out of them and sell them!

9. Eat for a Cause - Collaborate with a local restaurant and have them donate 10% of their profits on a certain night for your organization's cause. In exchange you can encourage supporters to eat there. Posting on Facebook, putting up a sign, or even email will work to get people's attention. The restaurant gets business and you raise money!

10. Balloon Raffle - Insert a number in each blown up balloon that matches a raffle ticket. Sell them for $10, and everyone will pop their balloons to see if they have the winning raffle number. It's fun, just be careful not to jump!

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