Why Take NO2 Supplements?

Happy Fitness GuyNitric Oxide is a cellular communication chemical that is able to translate information from your brain to other organs and arteries in your body. It is an incredibly important chemical that your body creates through arginine that helps regulate the flow of blood in your arteries, along with the regulation of insulin.

Nitric Oxide Improves Blood Circulation

Nitric Oxide is important for supplementation if you have blood circulation issues, high blood pressure, or exercise and compete in athletic events. The primary reason that many people take NO2 supplements is because it helps maximize their physical performance in workouts or competitions. If you have poor blood circulation, NO2 can help alleviate this problem. It is able to do this by sending cellular messages to the artery walls to both constrict and relax. This messaging ability is able to regulate blood flow in the arteries and through your cardiac system. When you have high blood pressure, many times this has to do with plaque built up in your arteries, or possibly because your arteries are not able to expand due to the lack of NO2 in your body.

Nitric Oxide Can Help You Relax

By taking a NO2 supplement, the extra amount of nitric oxide in your body is able to expand the arteries and allow for more blood flow, which decreases blood pressure. Also, by increasing the blood flow and regulating your blood pressure more, your body is able to experience more relaxation and mental clarity. This helps reduce the overall stress in your life and is also a contributor to lowering your blood pressure. Improve Brain Function With Nitric Oxide You should also take a NO2 supplement because it offers better mental clarity and memory recollection.

Nitric oxide increases communication to the different parts of the brain, and gives out higher quality signals at a faster speed. What this is able to do is help you store mental images for longer and to process your own thoughts even faster. This can often be exemplified by individuals who take an NO2 supplement because it makes them feel “smarter” or “more awake and alert”.

How Does Nitric Oxide Improve Your Workout?

An NO2 supplement will also help you if you’re into bodybuilding or any kind of fitness competition. As it was described earlier in this article, when you take NO2 it increases the lining of your artery vessels and allows blood to move faster throughout your body and feed energy to your muscles quickly. This is important when you workout because you really are only able to get the most out of a workout when you are pushing your body to its physical limit each time.


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