What is Nitric Oxide Used For?

Nitric Oxide is a chemical made in the body that is used for cellular messaging between different organs in the body. The body is able to do this by breaking down enzymes over a period of time that eventually changes into nitric oxide. The uses of Nitric Oxide are vast and important in regards to how the human body functions and operates.

Where Does Nitric Oxide Come From?

An important thing to realize is that Nitric Oxide is not available directly by the body or supplementation. In order to generate Nitric Oxide, the body breaks down enzymes like Arginine and then turn that enzyme into Nitric Oxide. Arginine is often found in Nitric Oxide supplements and can be consumed by eating leafy green foods like spinach, lettuce, and even seafood.

Nitric Oxide Regulates Blood Flow

Once the body consumes enzymes like arginine and produces Nitric Oxide, it uses it for many important purposes. One of the most important things Nitric Oxide is used for is to regulate blood flow throughout the body. It does this by communicating with the arteries via chemical reactions, and causes them to relax and expand to increase blood flow throughout the body. Increasing Metabolism With Nitric Oxide Nitric Oxide is also able to communicate to cells in the metabolism to increase energy production and accelerate its processes. This allows energy to be released in significant volume during times when the body is going through physical exercise or labor. Nitric Oxide is then used to communicate with the lungs to increase airflow while the body is going through physical exertion. Combing a wave of energy with airflow allows the body to prepare itself better so that it can push itself to its physical capacity.

Nitric Oxide and Bodybuilders

Nitric Oxide is used in supplementation for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Many people who are passionate about health and fitness find that they are able to get better results in the gym and in a workout after consuming a pre-workout of Nitric Oxide supplements. Another reason bodybuilders and fitness warrior’s use Nitric Oxide is to increase hormone production and adrenaline in their bodies.

This gives them a surge of energy to perform not only better, but also to feel better in the process of pushing themselves to their maximum physical potential. Just as important, Nitric Oxide is used as a recovery supplement after a hard workout session. It is able to help push out lactic acid out of the muscles so that body can begin to repair itself and get stronger.

Brain Health

Nitric Oxide Enhances Memory and Brain Function

While Nitric Oxide is popular for it’s physical uses for the body, it also can be used to enhance brain function. Nitric Oxide is able to communicate to memory cells in the brain certain images and thoughts that an individual has. When these processes are optimized, you are able to have more mental clarity and better memory recollection.

Too Much Nitric Oxide Can Be Harmful

The chemical signals sent by Nitric Oxide to the brain can be used for increasing your intelligence as well. When it is taken in proper amounts, Nitric Oxide has the ability to act as an intelligence steroid that has long lasting benefits for mental growth and development. However, it should also be noted that consuming too much of Nitric Oxide can have the opposite effect, and actually cause brain and organ damage. Nitric Oxide is used for many things in the body and is a fascinating example of how chemical processes can be incredibly beneficial to the body.

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