Nitric Oxide Deficiency

Nitric Oxide is a molecule produced by the body that was first discovered by scientists in the 1970’s. As it’s name would suggest, Nitric Oxide is the elements of nitrogen and oxygen combined together that make this molecule what it is. There has been a lot of research dedicated to Nitric Oxide because of it’s importance related to being a sensory molecule that sends vital signals to different parts of the body to perform certain functions.

Can Nitric Oxide Prevent Heart Disease?

Nitric Oxide is able to communicate to the endothelial layer of the body’s arteries to control the amount of blood flow that goes through it. Obviously this is very important to control blood pressure, and to make sure it stays properly regulated. Nitric Oxide is also an important antioxidant of the body that helps keep it safe from many risks associated with heart disease. The main cause that is associated with heart disease is inflammation of the body’s muscles and organs that can cause cardiac damage.

Nitric Oxide and Your Brain

Nitric Oxide is also responsible for controlling airflow from the lungs and other organs of the body as a result of it sending signals to the esophagus and bronchi on when to allow airflow in and out, and at specific speeds. Even more important, is how Nitric Oxide interacts with the brain.

Nitric Oxide is the molecule responsible for sending signals from your brain to the rest of the body that controls blood flow. It is primarily responsible for making sure that there is proper amounts of blood flow to and from the brain in order to make sure it is working at an appropriate level. As you can see, Nitric Oxide is incredibly important for the body and can cause significant problems if you do not have adequate amounts of it in your body.

How Can You Get Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide can be consumed and enhanced with certain foods that you eat. 

  • Beets
  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli 

 These foods and most other greens are very rich in nitric oxide. However, if you are not getting enough of these foods, problems will start to arise, and you can suffer from many different things related to a Nitric Oxide deficiency.

Low Levels of Nitric Oxide

A lack of Nitric Oxide in the body can cause memory loss and a decrease in energy, because the neurotransmitters are not being able to send proper signals from the brain to the rest of your body. Not having enough Nitric Oxide has also been linked to having a loss in sexual stamina and even heart conditions because of improper blood flow regulation, and a lack of control on body inflammation. This is why it is important that you take extra care to consume proper amounts of leafy green foods to ensure you are getting enough Nitric Oxide in your body. Another way that is also effective at increasing the Nitric Oxide produced by your body is to work out and be physically active. However, that is not always enough.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Supplementation for Nitric Oxide has become popular in recent years due to a large percentage of the population having inadequate amounts of it in their body. This is why at HDI we recommend you look at our many options of NO2 that we have available, and utilize the one that fits the best for you to ensure that you receive the proper amount of Nitric Oxide that you need on a daily basis.

Also, check out one of our pre-workout N02 products as they can give your workout an extra kick! Make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your workout and not cheating yourself because you don’t have the proper energy and clear mindset going into your workout. We have a variety of options to choose from, so make sure you check them out and choose one that will give you the best workout of your life!

More Information About Nitric Oxide NO2