Nitric Oxide and Weight Loss

Nitric Oxide is a cellular communication chemical that helps regulate many of the body’s organs and functions. In the past decade it has become very popular as a pre-workout supplement in the form of L-Arginine that the body uses to create NO2 in elevated levels.

Does Nitric Oxide Increase Your Energy?

With an increase of NO2 in the body, it helps accelerate the restriction and relaxation of the artery walls that allows blood to be pumped faster throughout your body. This increase in blood flow helps to feed the muscles more quickly, and as a result increases energy and metabolic function. However, NO2 has also become a subject of study in regards to its ability to help an individual lose weight.

While significant research has gone into determining whether NO2 has the ability to help weight loss, there is no proof for a direct correlation between the two. However, there are some studies that have shown that nitric oxide in the right amounts produced by the central nervous system will help control insulin levels, and therefore provide you with a better functioning body.

How Does Nitric Oxide Increase Your Metabolism?

Even more helpful is NO2’s ability to help increase the metabolism function of your body and help to burn energy sources more quickly. This is the closest correlation that NO2 has to helping an individual with weight loss. How NO2 is able to increase the metabolic rate is because it sends signals to the lungs and the metabolism to increase airflow and energy consumption.

What this effectively does is regulate your breathing better and help kick start your metabolism so that it starts to burn faster and feed your body with more energy. The increase in airflow helps to feed this process so that the metabolism has the necessary information from the nervous system to begin breaking down food and turning it into energy at a faster rate.

Nitric Oxide Makes You More Healthy

Nitric Oxide is a great supplement to help your body perform at its physical peak. When your body is running at its full potential, it is able to burn fat faster and build up muscle. This can help you lose weight in fat and help you create a more lean and muscular physique. So while Nitric Oxide may not have a direct correlation to weight loss, it still can perform functions in the body that will help you lose weight and build a stronger and healthier body. Now it is advisable you consult with a doctor or medical expert before you take any kind of weight loss supplement. You need to make sure that your body is in a state that it can handle extra sources of energy that would be provided by a supplement like NO2.

More Information About Nitric Oxide NO2