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  • Probiotic

Product Description

  • Bifidobacteria & NCFM Acidophilus Blended with a Non-Dairy Powder
  • 15 Billion Organisms Per Capsule Guaranteed
  • Dietary Supplement

Ultra Flora Plus DF Capsules is a probiotic formula blended with a non-dairy formula that provides highly viable, pure strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM strain) and Bifidobacterium lactis.

  • Helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora and is desiged to provide intestinal support on multiple levels.
  • Produced in a freeze-dried form and refrigerated during storage and shipping for maximum stability, and shipped with the most current viability assay to provide you with assurance of potency.
  • Guaranteed to provide no fewer than 15 billion combined live organisms per serving through date of expiration.
  • The ID Guarantee: The purity, clinical reliability, and predicted safety of Metagenics probiotic formulas are guaranteed through the scientific certification of strains with established health benefits. Assuring potency and high viability, each strain is also tested for acid tolerance and cell adherence in vitro.

Part of the 4Rs for Better GI Outcomes protocol.

  • Removing offending substances from the diet. Food allergens and other materials can negatively influence the intestinal environment and cause localized irritation or trigger the release of damaging chemicals into general circulation, affecting other tissues and organs. We offer a variety of metabolic detoxification programs to aid with this phase.
  • Replacing digestive enzymes and stomach acid where necessary. Digestive factors and enzymes that help break down food commonly decline with age. This inhibits digestion and nutrient utilization, as well as the elimination of waste.
  • Reinoculating the bowel with pre- and probiotics.
    Reintroducing health-promoting, "friendly" bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® helps maintain a desirable balance of GI microflora--critical to intestinal tissue (mucosal) health, immune function, intestinal barrier function, and digestion.
  • Regenerating the GI mucosa through proper nutritional support. GI mucosal cell regeneration is a natural process that can be supported by targeted nutrition.

For maximum stability and viability, keep refrigerated. However, product may be stored at room temperature (65-75°F) for up to one month without adversely affecting potency. This makes Ultra Flora Plus DF Capsules an excellent choice for travelers.

Metagenics Probiotics

Supplement Facts

Suggested Use

One capsule one to two times daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60
A 50:50 blend of: 15 billion live organisms††
Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® Strain  
Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07  
(formerly known as B. infantis†††)  

For maximum stability and viability, keep refrigerated. However, product may be stored at room temperature (65-75°F) for up to one month without adversely affecting potency. This makes Ultra Flora Plus DF Capsules an excellent choice for travelers.

Other Ingredients

Microcrystalline cellulose, Lactobacillus acidophilus (milk, soy), Bifidobacterium lactis (milk, soy), magnesium stearate, and silica. Contains: milk, soy.

Warnings This product may not be suitable for individuals with severe milk or soy allergies.

Additional Information

SKU ME-001260b
Name Metagenics, UltraFlora Balance 60 Capsules
UPC 755571031143
Brand Metagenics
Form Capsule
Shipping Weight 1.2000
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Package Description 60 Capsules
Product Special Message This product is perishable and stored accordingly in a refrigeration zone to ensure potency. We have been instructed by suppliers to ship this product in cold packaging to maintain the integrity during transportation. This additional packaging is included at no cost to your order as an added service. We will not hold your order for this item based on transportation time or location as we strive to ship orders out as fast as possible. To ensure potency is maintained, you are encouraged to order early in the week to avoid transit over the weekend and may consider upgrading the shipping method when purchasing this product.
Stored and Shipped Cold Yes
Product Type Dairy Free


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The most helpful favorable review
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

I have had C-diff twice in 2 years thought I might be coming down with it again for the third time. My Gastroenterologist suggested this product since Align had not worked. She said that she also takes this product since she is around these types of problems every day. After taking 2 pills a day for a week, my belly has calmed down and the terrific gas pains and growling have lessened. It had gotten so bad that I hated to go anywhere new until I first found the restrooms . These pills have been prescribed for me to take indefinitely and they have been my wonder fix.

Published by anne.ricks. on 2012-09-03 20:53:31
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The most helpful critical review
  • Helpful!

    1 people found the following refiew helpful

    Posted by Jay on June 22, 2011
    I was diagnosed with UC (uclerative colitis) and my natural medicine doctor told me to take this. I was taking synthetic prescription from my gastroenterologist and wasn't feeling any better. He even told me that I will always have UC and that it is a life long condition and that it would become cancerous if I didn't continue with the Rx. Well, not according to my natural medicine doctor. I found out the cause of my UC was yeast overgrowth and heavy metal toxicity. He recommended me to take high dosages of probiotics and this is what he told me to specifically take. After taking this product, I have not had a symptom of UC anymore and I've been taking this product for a year now. It's fabulous! I'm thankful I found something I can take and be healed!

    The only drawback of this product is it is rather costly and it goes out fast, so I have to keep restocking (I use up 2 bottles a month) and it's breaking my finances, but if you truly want to get healed, trust this product! I would, of course, hope the prices will go down so I can buy a case of it, but....
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • Already Notice

    1 people found the following refiew helpful

    Posted by Meg on April 28, 2010
    I started taking this a week ago and honestly already notice a difference. I am so impressed. I've "suffered" with digestive issues my whole life, but the past few years they have gotten worse. I've tried everything the doctor recommends: fiber, water, exercise, and still seemed to have a more sluggish system than everyone I know, including those who do not eat as well. After one day of taking this, my system seemed to normalize. Very excited and happy.
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • Great quality and effective product

    1 people found the following refiew helpful

    Posted by Zelda315 on June 28, 2011
    This high-quality and effective product was first recommended to me by my nutritionist/kinesiologist. I have been using it for several years, but finding it available online saved me driving 100 miles roundtrip to get it. I was concerned about shipping since this is a refrigerated product, but HealthDesigns ships it with a cold pack which keeps it fresh. I'm very happy with the product and the service!
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • Quality Product at a Great Price

    1 people found the following refiew helpful

    Posted by kayak12 on August 20, 2011
    Product recommended by a naturopathic md. Quality product. Only negative was that the product needs to be kept refrigerated / cold, however it was shipped during a heat wave and cold packs were very warm by the time the product arrived at my house. Was hoping that the cold packs supplied would have at least survived the trip and stayed a little cold.
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • Excellent product!

    1 people found the following refiew helpful

    Posted by SaraB on February 11, 2012
    Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus DF is one of the simplest, best additions to my daily life. It works – plus I have confidence in it since this product was first recommended to me by my nutritionist who researches products for purity and content before recommending them.
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • metagenics ultra flora plus DF

    1 people found the following refiew helpful

    Posted by Denise on January 19, 2011
    I've tried a lot of different probiotics and Metagenics is by far the best quality, quickest results and has helped my digestion tremendously. For those of you who cannot have dairy, the DF (dairy free) is the way to go.
    Thank you Metagenics!
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • A daily must have!

    1 people found the following refiew helpful

    Posted by Moriah on April 28, 2010
    The doctor recommended this product for everyone in my family for life it's that beneficial and we've all taken it every day since! Very easy to use and I can trust any Metagenics product to be better than the rest!
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • excellent product/needs appropriate shipping

    Posted by LE on July 16, 2011
    My only issue was when the package arrived the cold pack that the Ultra Flora Plus was packed with was actually warm. The directions say to refrigerated so I was concerned it had been exposed too long to warm temp. If this product is sensitive to heat it should be packed and shipped appropriately.
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • Recommend taking this product

    Posted by Teiko on December 14, 2010
    I have been taking Metagenics, Ultra Flora Plus DF capsules for several years and have been happy with the results. When I run out I notice the difference in my intestinal health so am grateful for having the product. I recommend it to all my friends.
    Was this review helpful to you?
  • Good to help digestion

    Posted by Arleen on April 28, 2010
    This product was recommended by my nutritionist to help with my digestion. I didn't think it could have such an effect, but it did. I found out that I could assimilate my food better.
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