Melatonin and Pregnancy

Pregnant WomanThe natural occurring hormone of melatonin in the body is well known for being able to help people with insomnia. The hormone itself is produced back in the pineal gland of the human brain that sends signals for the body to release dopamine. This is what gives the person the ability to relax and fall into a deep sleep because it places the mind and body in the rest mode. However, since melatonin is not a prescribed pharmaceutical by doctors that is authorized by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), there are many questions about whether or not Melatonin should be used by mothers who are pregnant.

Is Melatonin Safe With Pregnancy?

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As with all supplements, none are tested by the FDA, which automatically disqualifies them the ability to be approved by the FDA. As a result of this system, all supplements are required to place a warning against pregnant women from using them because of the unknown side effects it may cause. For this reason, it has caused many health professionals to evaluate a supplement in its entirety before completely telling a pregnant mother to avoid it all together. In the case of melatonin, doctors evaluate its effects on the body, and have reached different conclusions in regards to whether or not pregnant women should use melatonin at all during pregnancy.

How Melatonin Works

Melatonin, as mentioned earlier, is produced in the brain that sends out signals from the brain to cause the body to sleep. The whole process is initiated by 4 different amino acids that produce these effects in the brain, which creates the sleep-wake cycle a person’s body. Eventually the melatonin is secreted and released through the liver that it eventually turns into either urine or saliva. As a result, it is actually determined that melatonin is very important for a person to maintain a proper sleep balance, and ensures their body is able to go into a resting state that allows it to rehabilitate itself.

Does Melatonin Relieve Stress In Pregnant Mothers?

The human body has the most amount of melatonin in it when the person is a child (which is why babies sleep so much), and then decreases as a person grows older. This is what has caused many doctors to believe that melatonin is appropriate for mothers, because it is able to help them fall asleep, and also will not inhibit the baby’s physical function in anyway since they already can handle larger amounts of melatonin naturally. As a general rule, mothers can help their unborn child’s development when they are able to avoid stress, and their body is more rested and relaxed during pregnancy. Stress can cause imbalance within the mother’s body that can lead to not only insomnia, but also cause a lack of proper nutrition to the unborn fetus, which can cause developmental problems later on down the road.

Melatonin Helps Support the Immune System

Melatonin is able to help a mother through this process by helping to rebalance her hormones, along with being able to put her body in a better resting state while she sleeps. Melatonin has also been shown to be very helpful with different antioxidant properties that help support a mother’s immunity system during pregnancy that can help fight off bad bacteria and other foreign born germs. All of these characteristics of melatonin would suggest that it is in fact very good for the health of a pregnant mother. While the effects of melatonin on the body would seem to be very beneficial for a mother in pregnancy, it is still suggested that a person talk with their doctor before taking any supplement like melatonin while they are pregnant. This will help ensure that your body will not be negatively affected by the melatonin supplement in anyway that could happen as a result of some unforeseen circumstance that only a medical professional could discover.

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