Maine Coast, Organic Sea Vegetables - Kelp - Wild Atlantic Kombu - Whole Leaf - 2 oz

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    Saccharina latissima (formerly known as Laminaria longicruris) OCIA Certified Organic and a Raw Food Kelp is a generic name for over 300 species of large brown algae that belong to the order Laminariales. Our Kelp is Saccharina latissima (formerly known as Laminaria longicruris), also known as "Wild Atlantic Kombu," because of its similarity to Japanese Kombu.

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    Supplement Facts Ingredient: Whole Leaf Kelp (Saccharina latissima). Nutritional Analysis of Whole Leaf Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Based on 7 g sea vegetables ND = Not Detected N/A = Not Tested US RDA Protein 2 g 50 g Fat 0 g 65 g Carbohydrates 3 g 300 g Calories 18 cal 2000 cal Fiber 2 g 25 g Calcium 15 mg 1000 mg Potassium 547 mg 3500 mg Magnesium 19 mg 400 mg Phosphorous 29 mg 1000 mg Iron 2 mg 18 mg Sodium 122 mg 2400 mg Iodine 1169 µg 150 µg Manganese 0.08 mg 2.0 mg Copper 0.03 mg 2.0 mg Chromium 10 µg 120 µg Zinc 0.20 mg 15 mg Vitamin A 46 IU 5000 IU Vitamin B1 0.01 mg 1.5 mg Vitamin B2 0.13 mg 1.7 mg Vitamin B3 0.13 mg 20 mg Vitamin B6 0.63 mg 2.0 mg Vitamin B12 0.46 mg 6.0 µg Vitamin C 0.44 mg 60 mg Vitamin E 0.12 IU 30 IU Please remember that the statistics in these charts have only relative significance. Sea vegetables are wild marine plants, and specific laboratory analysis may vary due to naturally occurring fluctuations in the plants. These fluctuations may be due to time of year, tidal flows, weather patterns, and other factors. We believe the whole plants provide more than the sum of their parts. Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) are determined by the National Academy of Sciences as guidelines to meet the nutritional requirements for healthy individuals in the USA. Views on the validity of these guidelines cover a wide spectrum. Nutritional assays are performed or coordinated by Katahdin Analytical Services in Scarborough, Maine.

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    SKU 27429
    Name Maine Coast, Organic Sea Vegetables - Kelp - Wild Atlantic Kombu - Whole Leaf - 2 oz
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    Brand Maine Coast
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