What Are Enzymes – Why Do We Need Them?

For the better health of the human body, role of enzymes can never be overlooked as these molecules have a mandatory job in the health building. The basic job of enzymes is to help in food digestion after it passes to stomach. It would not be wrong, if we would say that enzymes act as a catalyst in the process of digestion to provide instant energy. Enzymes are considerably contained by saliva which is mixed in the food when we chew it. These molecules more often start working when food is semi digested by the stomach and now there is the need of making the food workable for the intestinal tract.

What enzymes basically are?

Enzymes are basically proteins by nature. These proteins essentially consist of protein stretches and, by having more amino acids; these proteins are highly digestible too. However, the main job of these proteins is not getting digested but to help in the metabolism. It is the catalysis process that is essentially used by enzymes. Catalysis is the process which accelerates the chemical procedures and in the human body, enzymes can be considered as the better catalysts.

As a matter of fact, chemical reactions rarely take place in the biological organisms without the catalysts. Moreover, enzymes are stable in nature which are not destroyed in the body temperature and help accelerating the chemical processes in the human body. Following are some important types of enzymes:

  • The first type of enzymes is the metabolic enzymes. These are the proteins and are huge containers of amino acids, according to the general definition of enzymes. The main task of these enzymes is to trigger the energy production from nutrients with the help of metabolism. The daily tasks, which need consumption of energy, are walking, working, eating, talking and even thinking. Metabolic enzymes ensure the energy production for these mandatory tasks.
  • Another type of enzymes is the digestive enzymes. These enzymes enhance the digestion process in a way that semi digested food, coming out of the stomach, is broken down into nutrients. These nutrients are to be converted into energy and this is the process when, again, enzymes come into action. These nutrients are converted into energy with the help of digestive enzymes.
  • The enzymes which are not produced by the human body, and are still needed, are food enzymes. Food enzymes are usually contained by a number of foods and best way to get these foods into diet is looking for more amino acids.

Sources of enzymes

Enzymes are manufactured in the human body but supplementation is surely required. You will need to have an intake of food enzymes on the daily basis and this intake will help other enzymes to get sufficient strength. There are natural foods you can add in your diet but you can also use supplements. Supplements essentially contain important nutrients gathered from several sources and you can get huge supply through lesser serving size.

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