Two Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

In order to maintain good health and fitness better nutrition supply and fats reduction in the blood is extremely important. Food with low fats is good to be added in the diet but you will also need to include the cholesterol fighting elements in the diet. When we talk about cholesterol reduction in the body, it is the essential fatty acids which are to be contemplated in this regard. There are two main types of essential fatty acids which are to be added in the routine diet. These two essential fatty acids usually carry out health maintenance processes and in this blog we will be discussing the importance of these fatty acids.

Alpha-linolenic acid

It is an organic compound and a well-known acid which is present in the omega-3 and it belongs to the family of essential fatty acids. This is one of the compounds which need to be present in the daily diet as it is not produced in the human body.

Alpha-linolenic acid is beneficial in many ways. It helps in the reduction of anxiety, depression and cholesterol level. Moreover, this acid is further converted into the EPA and DHA which are two more essential fatty acids.

Linolenic acid

Like the alpha-linolenic acids, linolenic acid also belongs to the family of essential fatty acids. This fatty acid is abundantly present in the omega-6. Linolenic acids may be related to one of the octadecatrienoic acids or it can be the mixture of both. The essentiality of linolenic acid can be observed with the fact that you will always get recommendation of using these acids along with the acids of omega-3. The proportion is the matter you will need to take good care about.

Food having two essential fatty acids

There are many organic and natural food items which contain linolenic and alpha-linolenic acids. You will just have to look for the omega-3 and omega-6 to get essential fatty acids from the diet.

The most considerable food items which contain essential fatty acids are fish, flaxseeds and flaxseeds oil, walnuts, green leaves vegetables and omega-3 eggs. You might need developing the food chart in order to get a better supply of essential fatty acids.

Essential fatty acid Supplements

Using supplements for essential fatty acids is not a bad idea at all. There are many organic supplements which can let you get these nutrients in a balance quantity without making you change your regular diet.  If you are looking for essential fatty acid supplements, you can place your order online at Health Designs website. You will certainly find the best essential fatty acids supplements listed in the huge database of Health Designs.

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