The Wonderful World of Antioxidant Vitamins

Proper health isn’t just about putting something in your body to make you stronger, faster, or healthier. It is also important to be taking supplements that can help you fight the hazardous elements that may be inside the body. One of these hazardous factors that can cause severe damage to your health is the process of oxidation. Oxidation is when compounds of oxygen react with the other elements and compounds in a harmful way and begins to attack your body’s immunity system. When the processes of oxidation starts inside the human body, the free radicals are formed (Free radicals are nasty little molecules with unstable ionic conditions and are highly reactive). When these molecules react with the atoms in the body’s cells, the essential bonding between the atoms of the cells is weakened and eventually broken. This what leads to your cell structure to be broken down. However, there are Antioxidants that can help you out with this problem.

Why antioxidant vitamins

There are TONS of antioxidants that can be used for preventing and curing the harmful effects of oxidation, however, vitamins are the preferred way to go. Antioxidant vitamins provide benefits to the cell structure for the different organs and attack the toxins that can be found within the organs. This allows for the healing of cell structures for different organs to be accelerated, improved upon, and also can prevent further toxins from developing.

There are three major types of vitamins which are good antioxidants which I find worth mentioning:

  • Vitamin A has a great effect for your skin and hair, and is one of the most popular antioxidant vitamins out there. The major impact of this antioxidant can be felt on the skin by reducing the physical appearance of aging, because it helps eliminate the free radicals that cause you to look older.
  • Vitamin C is another heavy hitter in the antioxidant category. The reason it is so popular is that vitamin C cannot be produced in the body and therefore needs to be consumed. Vitamin C provides a host of benefits because it produces important protein for the internal organs health, which is also called collagen. Vitamin C, like Vitamin A, also is good at reducing the activity of free radicals which can damage the cellular structure of the body’s internal organs.
  • Another very essential kind of antioxidant vitamin is the vitamin E. Vitamin E is actually the complete group of eight different antioxidants, which prevent the oxidation in different ways. The activity of vitamin E has major resemblance to that of our recently discussed friend, Vitamin C.

Where to get antioxidant awesomeness

Want to know where you can get these vitamins that will help you fight oxidation and free radicals much more effectively?

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