SAN, T3: Supporting Better Thyroid Activity

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Good diet is surely the main thing to be considered for the good health building but the role of hormones is something which can never be ignored. As a matter of fact, it is hormones which transport signal to and from the brain. Now, there are a number of hormone types and every type specifically supports the functionality of particular body part and system. One of such hormones is the thyroid. It is very major hormone which has to be present in the body with required proportion.

The production of thyroid in the body is managed by thyroid glands. Basic task of thyroid is to support the overall metabolic activities of the body. Its prominent feature is the support to calorie consumption in the body. Here, it might be worth considering mentioning T4 (thyroxin) and T3 (triiodothyronine) thyroid hormones. T4 is the most abundant thyroid hormone present in the body and it usually exists in the blood. This thyroid eventually converts into T3 which is four times more potent than T4 but this fact has to be considered that quantity of T3 in the human body is twenty times greater than T3 normally. Lowering the amount of T3 than this amount can cause several health issues.

Elaboration of thyroid hormone, particularly T3, can be made with an example. If you are planning to cut the fats, you might have to go for cutting the calories in your diet. Now, this is a well-known fact that calories can help in the gain of energy as well. This cut down in the calories and other fats producing nutrients intake might not help you cutting the extra body fats. The reason is the probable disability of metabolic processes, due to the lack of nutrition support, at some extent. Boosting up T3 production in the body can be the better solution in this concern. In this way, you might not have to cut your normal calories intake as these calories would be used for the energy production and this energy would help you losing fats in the healthful way.


Use of supplements for boosting up the production of thyroid hormones, T3 specifically, can be the better contemplation. However, proper research has to be made before picking up the supplement as production of thyroid supplements needs better proportions to be used in the process. This is the fact that the products, associated with the good brand names, normally hold the better quality. One of the best companies to go for in this concern is the SAN. SAN T3 is the supplement, by SAN Nutrition labs, which has been effective in a lot of concerns. The main function of this supplement is boosting T3 production in the body and the obvious benefits are healthy fat loss, lowered cholesterol level, increased effectiveness and efficiency in the metabolic processes, development of skin and better protein synthesis.

If we talk about the supplement facts of SAN T3, this supplement is made of 99% pure Guggulsterones.

SAN T3 can be purchased online and the online store from where you can get this supplement at well-discounted price is the Health Designs. Health Designs offers high quality supplements from the top manufacturers at highly discounted prices.

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