Garden of life Raw Protein Review

A protein is truly one of the major and most essential nutrients that human body requires on a daily basis. The main function of protein is to be converted into energy through the process of metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical process that is also started and maintained by the special stable protein which is called enzyme or biological catalyst. Hence, the existence of protein in the body is a mandatory without any doubt.

Although, protein has been an icon for energy for the body but there are the protein sources which usually cause the body have desire for rest rather than a call for some activity. This is usually because of the nature of protein source being a slow digestible food item. That protein may be converted into energy later but this is also the fact that adding such elements in the diet might lead to the protein loss if metabolism process is not precisely effective. To ensure proper protein utilization and to supplement the process of metabolism, one can consider the use of protein supplements. Garden of Life is the supplement manufacturing company which has been producing top quality raw protein supplement in this regard.

Garden of life Raw Protein supplement

Raw protein from Garden of Life includes the protein from sources like seeds, grains and vegetables. This supplement may be regarded as the protein supply for vegans. Vegetables usually contain incomplete protein sources but you can surely get complete protein supply by 13 different sprout blends. The proteins in supplement are mixed in a way that all kinds of amino acids come with the protein supplement. This RAW protein supplement contains Vitamin Code, consisting of fat-soluble vitamins, which makes the protein more digestible.

Here are the nutrients and specs which are included in the Garden of life Raw Protein supplement:

  • Proteins from raw organic sprouts
  • Vitamins A, D, E and K according to the vitamin code
  • Live enzymes and probiotics
  • Free of artificial flavors and synthetic components
  • Extremely digestible proteins specifically for vegans
  • Elements holding the property of being in raw state.


Looking at the detailed specs of Garden of life Raw Protein supplement, the benefits are not ordinary to be overlooked. As a matter of fact, this dietary supplement can be helpful not only for the vegans but also for the people fond of animal proteins. Animal proteins are hardly absorbed by the human body and hence, using this supplement would help you getting more protein in your body to be converted into energy. The vitamin code makes the proteins digestible and existence of enzymes and probiotics help in strengthening the metabolism process. Proteins from vegetables are considered commonly to be incomplete but this supplement holds the proteins from wide range of sprouts, which makes it the complete protein supplement.

Buying Garden Of Life Raw Protein Supplement

Garden of life Raw Protein supplement can be bought online form the online shop, Health Designs. Health Designs is the online store and a website with huge database of top quality natural supplements from top rated manufacturers. Buying from Health Designs, you will surely get every product at reasonable discount.

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