Foods with Essential Fatty Acids

If you are looking forward to have a better health and fitness, there are number of matters to be taken in to the account. The most important one, out of all the health related matters, is concerned with what we eat and healthfulness of the diet we take. For this, you can develop a food chart that would include items that you daily require. It is basically the food elements and nutrients that are to be taken into the account. One of the most important elements to be considered in this regard is the essential fatty acid. There are number of essential fatty acid types and there are a lot of foods with essential fatty acids. In this blog, we shall discuss the facts about essential fatty acids and the foods which contain them.

The fact about essential fatty acids is that these acids are not synthesized in the human body. These are the polyunsaturated fats and are needed to be indigested with the help of diet. Because of the health benefits of these acids and the fact these are not manufactured naturally in the human body, these fatty acids are regarded as ‘essential’. For the better intake of these acids, the best consideration is consuming the food items which are usually rich in essential fatty acids. What these foods are? This is what we are going to discuss here.

Foods that contain essential fatty acids

There are a number of foods which you can consider for the enhanced supply of essential fatty acids to your body. In fact, these food items may be oily but these fats are good fats which fight with the blood and body cholesterol.

  • Fish is the food item which needs to be discussed primarily as compared to the other food items. There is abundance of oil present in the fishes and this oil is usually filled with the essential fatty acids. Omega-3 is the element present in the fish oil and hence, one may find the sufficient amount of EPA and DHA which are two different types of essential fatty acids.
  • Flaxseeds food can be contemplated as the major reservoir of essential fatty acids after the fishes. You can have the supply of these acids in abundance with the help of flaxseeds. Oil can also be extracted from the flaxseeds which usually contain omega-3 but there is the huge amount, of ALA only, present in the flaxseeds oil. ALA is then converted into the EPA and DHA in the human body. It might be important to note that diabetic patients might not be able to get the sufficient benefit from flaxseeds as their bodies are usually unable to process the ALA.
  • Walnuts are known for their health benefits. Interesting fact is that walnuts are rich in omega-3 alpha-linolenic acids. This makes walnuts among the best foods and on the top level of dry fruits.
  • Omega-3 eggs are the better resources of omega-3 and essential fatty acids. You can add one egg in the daily diet and you can surely get enough energy fuel for the better consumption.

Almost all of the elements, discussed above, also contain omega-6 in the better and required proportion but if you are in need of enhanced omega-6 supply, you can consider the supplements. As a matter of fact, you can normally use supplements too.

Use of supplements

Essential fatty acids food supplements are good to be used when you are prescribed fixed proportion of essential fatty acids daily. For this, you will need finding the organic supplements with a fixed natural ratio.

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