What is HealthDesigns HD Echo?

HD Echo is an exclusive program where you receive free products, test them out, and create online reviews and posts on your opinion of the product.  The type of products cover the spectrum of what is offered on healthdesigns.com, from sports supplements to vitamins and minerals to herbs and formulas and more!  For HealthDesigns, the valuable content you create helps generate inbound links for existing, new, and pre-release products. In addition, your Referral account can be used with this program, creating highly valuable cash Rewards into your account.  Free product, honest opinions, and endless Rewards.  The HD Echo program wants you to join!  Read on to find out how to join.

Why do you have the HD Echo program?

This program is a way for brands to build product awareness, customers to help make their opinions known and be rewarded for them, and for HealthDesigns to bring new customers into the website.  In the nutrition industry, cutting edge brands are constantly innovating to create better, safer, more effective products.  HealthDesigns wants our customer opinions to help other customers make informed decisions about these products.  So we are enabling well educated customers with free products to test, review, and post their opinions online.  We call these people “HD Echos”.

How can I join the program?

Joining the program is quick and easy.  Simply fill out the application below as thoroughly as possible.  HealthDesigns staff will then review customers who have applied and inform those that have been selected via email.  Products will be shipped to you 100% free of cost.

How are HD Echos selected?

We want the HD Echo program to reflect the best of our growing body of educated customers.  We invite people to participate in the HD Echo program based on their answers to the HD Echo application below.  HealthDesigns staff chooses and votes for who receives any product based on multiple criteria such as; fit within the product category, social klout, audience size, and many others.  You will not be notified of acceptance into the HD Echo program immediately, but your information will be stored in our database and considered when eligible products are being selected.

Where does HealthDesigns get the products?

Products are provided directly by brands, manufacturers or any vendors participating in the program.  The products are full size with retail packaging and represent the exact product being sold.

Are HD Echos expected to create only positive postings and reviews?

No.  We welcome honest opinions about the product - positive or negative.  Of course HD Echo postings must be informative and well thought out.  Performance on prior postings may influence your selection for future participating products.

Are HD Echos paid for writing postings or pressured to write favorable postings?

While HD Echos receive product 100% free of cost they can also earn valuable cash rewards by using the HD Referral program as part of their postings.  The HD Referral program rewards you for customers sent to healthdesigns.com.  With this HD Referral program, HD Echos can receive cash rewards into their account when a new customer comes to our site because of them and makes a purchase.  Failure to post will be considered when HealthDesigns staff is selecting future participants for products.

Can HD Echos create both negative or positive content about the product based on their individual experience?

Yes. Creating a negative posting can be as helpful as creating a positive posting, and will not impact an HD Echo’s ability to participate in the program.  An HD Echo’s selection for any particular product is at the sole discretion of HealthDesigns staff members.  Those selected to participate tend to create substantive, informative, detailed and objective postings, regardless of whether the product is positive, negative, or neutral.  Once someone is selected to receive a free product they must post and review within 30 days of receipt.

Do HD Echos receive products before they are released?

Yes, at times.  Some participating vendors will provide advance releases of products to HealthDesigns.  This is another perk for HD Echos, they can be among the first people on the planet to try cutting edge new products!

Can the participating vendors contact HD Echos?

No.  Vendors have no contact with the HD Echos and cannot influence which HD Echos will be posting their products.  HealthDesigns does not rent, sell, or disperse any of the contact information provided in the form below.   Your privacy is of the utmost importance.

Do you provide HD Echos with official logos to use when making a post?

Yes we do!  HD Echos are welcome to use our official logos when creating their posts.  DOWNLOAD

HD Echo Application