Happy Baby, Happy Yogis Organic Superfoods Yogurt and Fruit Snacks Strawberry 1 oz Case of 8, (Pack of 8)

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    Product Description

    Happy Baby, Happy Yogis Organic Superfoods Yogurt and Fruit Snacks, Strawberry are super foods that were created to improve the digestive systems functionality. The freeze dried fruit instantly melts in the mouth so it is perfect for young children. With the green package and the company’s support for organic farming, one can be sure to trust the health benefits of the product

    It does not contain any gluten, wheat or even soy. The fruits and yogurt used to make it are also purely natural. This makes it ideal for your toddler or baby as natural foods are an essential and recommended diet requirement.

    Benefits of the Happy Baby, Happy Yogis Organic Superfoods Yogurt and Fruit Snacks Strawberry

    • Its natural nature makes it possible to boost the developing bodies of young children and babies.
    • One can be sure of freedom from pesticides or growth hormones found in dairy products that are inorganic. This is because those in the organic strawberry yogurt and food snacks are purely organic and safe.
    • This organic super food is good for not just toddlers but babies too. This keeps away the worry of having to find the snacks safe for your baby that has no artificial ingredients.
    • The instructions on the product are simple enough to comprehend and follow ensuring that the kids get the right quantity.
    • It does not cause weight gain among babies as well as toddlers taking it.
    • The snacks taste just as delicious as food made at home. They are so tasty one may be tempted to have some.

    Natural Ingredients

    All their ingredients in the Happy Baby, Happy Yogis Organic Superfoods Yogurt and Fruit Snacks Strawberry are natural. It contains cultures enabling the child’s digestive system to function more effectively.

    These cultures are live and active and include:

    • Streptococcus Thermophilus
    • Lactobacillus Paracasei
    • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus
    • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
    • Bifidobacterium Lactis
    • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

    The health of the digestive system is also boosted by the pre and probiotics contained in the product. It contains vitamin D as well as important minerals of sodium, calcium and potassium. The sodium content is 15mg while the Potassium is 45mg per serving.

    It also contains calories as well as proteins that are important in the baby’s growth. The product has organic skim as well as grade A milk. The sugar, insulin, tapioca, strawberry and strawberry flavor in it are all a hundred percent organic too.

    Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use Happy Baby happyyogis Organic Superfoods Yogurt and Fruit Snacks Strawberry Directions <br><p>+ Reseal after use, for maximum freshness use within 7 days.</P> <p>+ This product should only be fed to seated, supervised children who are accustomed to chewing solid foods.</P> <br> Nutrition Facts <br>Serving Size: 1/4 Cup (7 g) <br>Servings Per Container: About 4 <table Border="1" cellSpacing="0" cellpadding="1"> <tbody><tr><td></TD><td>Amt Per Serving</TD><td>% Daily Value</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Calories</TD><td>30</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Calories from Fat</TD><td>0</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Total Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Saturated Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Trans Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Cholesterol</TD><td>0 mg</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Sodium</TD><td>20 mg</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Potassium</TD><td>55 mg</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Total Carbohydrate</TD><td>4 g</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Dietary Fiber</TD><td>0 g</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Sugars</TD><td>4 g</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Protein</TD><td>2 g</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>% Daily Value Age 1-4 yr</TD><td></TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Protein</TD><td></TD><td>12%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin A</TD><td></TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin C</TD><td></TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Calcium</TD><td></TD><td>20%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Iron</TD><td></TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin D</TD><td></TD><td>15%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> </TABLE> Other Ingredients: Organic grade A milk, organic skim milk, organic sugar, organic tapioca, organic strawberry, organic strawberry flavor, contains less the 2% of the following: organic whey protein concentrate, pectin, beet juice for color, organic inulin, mixed tocopherols, live and active cultures: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, B. lactis, L. paracasei, L. rhamnosus.

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    SKU 9892
    Name Happy Baby, Happy Yogis Organic Superfoods Yogurt and Fruit Snacks Strawberry 1 oz Case of 8, (Pack of 8)
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