Gluten-free Vitamins

The desire to go gluten-free has become popular in the recent years. People who would like to lose weight, prevent or control diabetes and other diseases, or simply would like to become healthier avoid gluten in their diet.

A gluten-free vitamin is also essential in Celiac disease and gluten-intolerant patients. And since this type of diet avoids wheat, barley and rye, there are vitamins that the body may not sufficiently receive. In order to prevent nutrient deficiency and complications, gluten-free vitamins have been formulated by experts. If you have a gluten-free diet, taking gluten-free vitamins is an absolute must to ensure optimal health.

What are Gluten-free Vitamins?

Gluten free Vitamins

Gluten-free vitamins are supplements which do not contain gluten, a protein derivative found in wheat, rye, barley and other related grains. Formulated with the usual everyday vitamins and minerals, gluten free supplements help prevent complications from arising in people who do not have the necessary enzymes to digest gluten. There are many gluten-free vitamins sold in the market but purchasing only from reliable sources is essential to safeguard efficiency.

What Do They Do?

Individuals with gluten-intolerance diseases suffer from lack of nutrition as the body eliminates food containing gluten without absorbing the vitamins contained therein. In order to facilitate nutrient absorption, gluten-free vitamins must be included in every gluten-intolerants diet. Gluten-free vitamins can be absorbed and used for regular bodily processes.

Health Benefits

Including gluten-free vitamins in your diet can be very helpful for optimal health especially among individuals who are gluten-intolerant.

Some of the major health benefits include:

Promotes adequate blood circulation

Iron is one of the least absorbed minerals due to celiac disease. This is the reason why many individuals who are gluten-intolerant develop iron-deficiency anemia and suffer from symptoms such as frequent fainting and exhaustion. By taking gluten-free vitamins, the iron absorption rate of your body will increase, resulting to prevention of iron-deficiency anemia and adequate circulation of blood throughout the body.

Upholds optimal nerve and heart function

Another essential component of gluten-free vitamins is Vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential primarily in preventing degenerative nerve disorders and promoting heart health. Although it can be taken from many food sources, it is not absorbed by the body if you have gluten intolerance. Gluten-free vitamins are packed with sufficient Vitamin B that can be absorbed by the body. As a result, it sustains optimal nerve and heart function.

Supports musculoskeletal health

Not only are patients with gluten intolerance easy to get exhausted but they are also at high risk in developing injuries and muscle tears. This is because they lack vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal musculoskeletal health such as Vitamin D and Calcium. Supplying these vitamins and minerals through gluten-free supplements can help prevent the occurrences of unlikely musculoskeletal disease symptoms among celiac disease patients.

Improves digestion

Since celiac disease is a digestive-related disorder, the regular intake of gluten-free vitamins directly leads to the improvement of digestive function. Many individuals who have taken gluten-free vitamins as well as experts say that these products improve metabolism and prevent the progress of certain disorders which can result to unhealthy absorption like Type II Diabetes Mellitus.

Types of Gluten-free Products

Gluten free Vitamins

We offer various gluten-free vitamins which are necessary for every gluten-intolerant patient. Gluten-free dietary supplements come in the form of capsules, tablets, chewables and soft gels. Manufactured by the most reliable companies in the field of healthcare products, these supplements can surely promote sufficient nutrient supply for daily sustenance.

  • Vegan Multivitamins
  • Omega-3 DHA
  • Omega-7
  • Gummy Multivitamin for Men and Women
  • Niacin

Gluten-free Brands


  • NuMedica is a well-known manufacturer of many health supplements and one of their unique products is NuMedica Gluten Sensitivity Packs. This gluten-free dietary supplement contains a powerful combination of vitamins for optimal health.

Nutrition Now

  • Being fully committed to provide healthy and great-tasting supplements for health, Nutrition Now boast vitamins that will suit the needs of gluten-intolerant individuals.


  • Deva has different vitamin supplements that help vegans and celiac disease patients. Given certification by the Vegan Society, they provide highly potent and quality nutritional products.

Now Foods

  • Now Foods offer a wide range of goods from gluten-free capsules to wheat flour. These assist in digestion while considering food cravings.

Fighting the effects of gluten-intolerance is made easier with gluten-free vitamins!