Thermogenic Effect

Weight loss has been a huge industry since the 1970’s. Most of this has to do with the fact that over one third of North American adults have become overweight since that time. This is an astronomical number of people, and is one of the primary reasons that both drug and supplemental companies have created a huge industry with products that are trying to help people reach their goals of weight loss. However, there is one fat burning supplement that seems to stand out above the rest, and that is a supplement that is referred to as a thermogenic.


What is a Thermogenic?

A thermogenic is different then most weight loss supplements and fat burners because of its effect on the body. Its name is very self-explanatory: “thermo” means heat, and “genic” is in reference to the body. In other words, a thermogenic causes the body's temperature to rise and stimulate the metabolism.

How Does The Body Receive the Thermogenic Effect?

There are two different synthetic ingredients used in thermogenics. They are edephra and pseudoephedrine. These two ingredients stimulate the central nervous system, which, in turn causes the body to increase its heart rate and blood pressure, making it work slightly harder than it would otherwise. This makes the body begin to heat up and stimulate other body systems as well. Due to this stimulation, the metabolism begins to work faster, allowing it to burn through foods and other substances at a much higher rate. With this increase in metabolic function, it also allows food and nutrients to be delivered in the bloodstream more quickly. This results in an individual having more energy and greater mental clarity.

Thermogenics Contain Caffeine

Many times a thermogenic is loaded with caffeine to help give the body an extra “kick” effect. This combined with its other synthetic chemicals create a powerful combination of stimulation on the body that helps the body to burn off massive amounts of calories, so long as one works out or performs some other type of physical activity. However, without working out after taking a thermogenic, the effect on the body will be very minimal and one will most likely not see any kind of results that would lower their body fat percentage.

How Long Should One Use a Thermogenic?

The thermogenic effect is very powerful on the body when used properly, and can be very helpful in stimulating certain functions that help one to lose weight and body fat. However, because of the potency of thermogenics, it is always recommended exercise caution when taking them and to not consume them for more than 8 consecutive weeks. That being said, when used properly, and one performs physical activities during the time they are taking them, the thermogenic effect on the body can be quite amazing!

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