Earth Therapeutics, Clari-T Pore Cleansing Strips Clarifying Nose Strips with Tea Tree Oil

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    Product Description

    Earth Therapeutics Clari-T Pore Cleansing Strips is a dermatologist tested nose strip that cleanses your nose pores and takes dirt off your skin for deep cleaning. It takes care of the dirt unreachable by other regular washing solutions like soaps or creams.

    What Does Clari-T Pore Cleansing Strips Do?

    By removing unwanted dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin on your nose, Earth Therapeutics Clari-T makes your skin more healthy and help prevent the formation of disease and bacteria in your pores. It can also remove those pesky, already formed blackheads, without damaging your skin. With its special design, it binds up easily to impurities and takes everything away when you peel it off. The added tea tree oil also acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medicine for extra protection.

    How Does Clari-T Pore Cleansing Strips Work?

    First, you need to wash your face properly to remove any make up or other creams that might cover your pores. Put a lot of water on your nose to make sure it's wet, as it will activate the strips on contact. Then, pull the strips out of the package and peel off the liners. Once the clogged pores on your skin are moistened with water, apply the strip on your nose while putting some pressure on it to make sure it makes good contact with the skin. Wait 10 to 15 minutes to let it take effect. As the strip dries up, it will stiffen and effectively collect the dirt from the pores. When you have waited long enough, gently peel it off starting from the edges, and it will take away the impurities and refine your pores for a better and healthier complexion.

    Health Benefits for Earth Therapeutics Cleansing Strips:
    • Refines and deep cleans pores on the nose for a healthier skin
    • Contains Organic Tea Tree that purifies the skin and kills bacteria
    • Causes less allergic reactions compared to other products
    • Natural, so it doesn't add additional chemicals in your system

    Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use

    To Use:

    1. Wash your face to clean away any lotion, make-up, or topical medication.
    2. Make sure to thoroughly wet the nose with lots of water. [Note: Water activates the strip.]
    3. Open the foil package, take out the nose strip and peel off the liner.
    4. Apply the strip to the moistened nose as shown. Smooth out the strip to make sure that it makes good contact with the skin.
    5. Let dry for about 10-15 minutes. The strip should stiffen as it dries.
    6. Gently and carefully peel off the strip—starting from the edges.

    Recommended Use: Once per week. Do not use more often than once every three days.

    Hint: The strip may be cut to fit the desired area.

    Supplement Facts Polyguaternium-11, deionized water, pvp, isopropyl alcohol, silica, butylene glycol, tea tree oil, witch hazel extract, titanium dioxide, silicon oil, menthol, methylparaben, orange oil.
    Warnings Consult with a physician before using on skin treated with acne medication. Do not use on acne blemishes, sunburned or irritated skin, or on excessively dry skin.

    Additional Information

    SKU EAT-15004
    Name Earth Therapeutics, Clari-T Pore Cleansing Strips Clarifying Nose Strips with Tea Tree Oil
    UPC 704694015004
    MPN EU0118
    Brand Earth Therapeutics
    Flavor Tea Tree
    Shipping Weight 0.0800
    Package Description 10 Nose Strips
    Product Type Hypoallergenic


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    The most helpful favorable review

    This was the first time I had ever used a product like this. Never really understood why people used them. I took a chance and purchased it, and I'm so glad I did! You use them only once a week, so with 10 strips in the box, it'll last you for 10 weeks! These are very easy to apply, and once you feel it hardening on your noise, you just slowly peel it off. This is the best part, because you really see all the gunk and grime that it took off your nose! I mean it's gross but it shows it worked! My nose is the most oily part on my face, and since I've been using these the oil has decreased a ton and I don't have that annoying shine anymore! :) I recommend this to everyone, no matter what type of skin type!

    Published by Abby on 2014-05-01 16:07:58
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    The most helpful critical review
    • Works well for the contour of the nose

      Posted by Nicholas on May 22, 2010
      I liked these a lot. Definitely removed the facial oils and freed up the pores on the nose, and was nice that the flaps go down into the corners of the nose, others i have tried simply work on the ridge. No sticky residue either, the tea tree is activated with the warm water which was nice.
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    • agree with last

      Posted by markie on August 25, 2010
      It is the Tree tea oil ! Totally removes "stuff " in pores on nose ... chin..etc. Can not go wrong!
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    • Muito bom !!

      Posted by Thiago Jose on October 2, 2014
      excelente produto, com o melhor preço .
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    • ок

      Posted by Kononyik on January 27, 2012
      clears the nose, but not perfect
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    • muito bom

      Posted by Felipe on October 31, 2013
      Arranca os cravos sem piedade
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