Dynamic Health, Liquid Joint Elixir Pineapple and Mango 32 fl oz

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    Dynamic Health Liquid Joint Elixir Pineapple and Mango Description: Glucosamine-Chondroitin Liquid Supplement. Dynamic Health's Liquid Joint Elixir is uniquely formulated to provide an active blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs that are traditionally used to fortify and maintain the health and strength of cartilage in the joints.
    Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Collagen are traditionally used to help maintain joint and cartilage elasticity.
    Vitamin D3 is traditionally used to help build and strengthen bone material.
    B Complex and Zinc vitamins are known for their free-radical scavenging and anti-aging properties, and are traditionally used to help defend the body against the harmful effects of everyday stress.
    Horsetail is traditionally used to help ease joint pain.
    Dynamic Health's Glucosamine-Chondroitin supplement formula combines the delicious taste of pineapple-mango flavors, so you can enjoy sipping it pure or mixed with your favorite beverage. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use Dynamic Health Liquid Joint Elixir Pineapple and Mango Directions <br>Take 2 tablespoons (1 fl. oz) daily on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning or as sirected by your health care professional. Shake gently before use. Refrigerate after opening.<br> <br> Supplement Facts <br>Serving Size: 1 fluid oz. <br>Servings Per Container: 32 <table Border="1" cellSpacing="0" cellpadding="1"> <tbody><tr><td></TD><td>Amt Per Serving</TD><td>% Daily Value</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Calories</TD><td>10</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Calories from Fat</TD><td>0</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Total Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Saturated Fat</TD><td>0 g</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Cholesterol</TD><td>0 mg</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Sodium</TD><td>0 mg</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Total Carbohydrates</TD><td>5 g</TD><td>2%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Dietary Fiber less than</TD><td>1 g</TD><td>0%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td> Sugars (from fructose)</TD><td>2.3 g</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Protein</TD><td>0 g</TD><td></TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Chondroitin</TD><td>1500 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Glucosamine</TD><td>1500 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Lycopene</TD><td>50 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Horsetail</TD><td>50 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Collagen (plant derived)</TD><td>35 mg</TD><td>*</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Zinc</TD><td>10 mg</TD><td>66%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin B1</TD><td>1.95 mg</TD><td>100%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin B2</TD><td>2.25 mg</TD><td>100%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin B3</TD><td>40 mg</TD><td>260%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin B6</TD><td>2.1 mg</TD><td>100%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin B12</TD><td>3.6 mg</TD><td>100%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin B5</TD><td>20 mg</TD><td>350%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin D3</TD><td>200 IU</TD><td>50%</TD></TR> <tr><td></TD></TR> <tr><td>Vitamin

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