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    Product Description

    • Helps maintain a healthy intestinal probiotic balance*
    • Supports the structure and functional integrity of the epithelial lining*
    • May boost immune response and support resistance*
    • Can produce vitamins, enzymes, and organic acids that support normal intestinal pH*

    An optimally functioning intestinal system is crucial to the health of the whole body.* The human gastrointestinal tract harbors trillions of microorganisms, some beneficial to our health and some not. The cells that line the intestines, called villi, form a single layer that regulates digestion and absorbs the digested products. Friendly (probiotic) bacteria live attached to the villi, finding food and shelter, and in turn providing benefits to their host. Probiotic bacteria naturally occur in fermented foods, such as live culture yogurt and sauerkraut. Nobel Prize laureate Elie Metchnikoff observed in the 19th century that people in the Balkans who ate yogurt and other foods cultured with lactobacilli were longer-lived. He theorized that ingestion of lactobacilli could prolong life by competitively inhibiting undesirable microbes, preventing them from taking up residence and producing toxins. Intestinal dysbiosis occurs when unfriendly bacteria imbalance probiotic bacteria. Factors that can promote dysbiosis include antibiotics, steroids including birth control pills, alcohol, bacterial infections, stress, traveling or a poor diet.

    Trillions of probiotic microflora are found in the healthy small and large intestines, from up to 400 strains. They can support the structure and functional integrity of the epithelial lining by helping to metabolize vitamins, minerals and hormones, improve intestinal motility and assist in detoxification.* They can boost immune function, and have been shown to support resistance.* They produce metabolites such as lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocins and acetic acid that normalize the pH of the intestine and promote a healthy micro-ecological balance.* They support healthy conditions in the vagina, and cholesterol within normal levels.* They can produce lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose (milk sugar). When probiotics are depleted, supplemental probiotic bacteria are often needed in large amounts – in some cases, ten billion colony forming units (CFU) per day or more may be needed to restore intestinal balance.*

    Members of the genus Lactobacillus take up residence primarily in the wall of the small intestine, where they provide many functions, including normalization of pH, promotion of digestive function, and stimulation of immune response.* Lactobacillus GG (L.GG) is one of four subspecies of Lactobacillus casei, and is the most thoroughly documented probiotic lactobacillus in the world. It is the result of a search by two scientists at Tufts University, Drs. Sherwood Gorbach and Barry Goldin. They wanted a probiotic that was: 1) originally found in the human gut; 2) able to attach to and colonize the epithelial lining, thereby preventing unfriendly bacteria from doing so; 3) resistant to gastric acids and bile; 4) capable of beneficial activity in the human host; and 5) proven to be safe. L.GG satisfied all these criteria, and has since been subjected to over a hundred clinical trials that support its safety and effectiveness.* It is now used all over the world, including in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

    L.GG has been shown in numerous studies to resist gastric acids and to adhere to intestinal walls. It has been shown to help control overgrowth of harmful bacteria, strengthen the intestine’s immunologic barrier function and normalize intestinal pH, inflammation and permeability.* It can help normalize fecal enzyme and short-chain fatty acid levels, and help prevent immune inflammatory responses in certain milk-hypersensitive adults.* L.GG has shown promising results in clinical studies with children suffering from milk all

    Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use

     As a dietary supplement, 1 capsule daily, preferably on an empty stomach, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 1 capsule
    Servings per container 30
    Amount per serving:  
    Lactobacillus GG
    10 Billion cells**

    Other ingredients: Vegetarian capsule (Hypromellose), inulin (chicory root extract).

    To maintain potency, store tightly closed and refrigerated. Short term heat exposure is acceptable.

    Note: Culturelle™ is grown on whey and will contain trace levels (less than 15 parts per million) of casein and whey, which are proteins found in milk.

    **Previously, the Supplement Facts stated that there were 30 Billion bacteria in each capsule at the time of manufacture. The 30 Billion quantity at manufacture has not changed. However, the FDA now requires that we list in the Supplement Facts the potency guaranteed on the date of expiration or best use listed on the package, when stored according to label instructions. When stored properly, the actual bacteria count will greatly exceed the 10 Billion we list. Refrigeration will keep a higher bacteria count than storing at room temperature, but be assured that even at room temperature, you receive at least the 10 Billion we guarantee and the benefits that the medical science has validated.

    We guarantee that at the time of manufacture, we continue to input a minimum of 30 Billion bacteria. More often than not, the actual number is considerably higher. However, because the potency of probiotics can change depending on storage conditions, the amount we guarantee at the end of the 18 months shelf life is 10 Billion bacteria. Importantly, this is the quantity that has been scientifically validated for the medical benefits for lactobacillus GG. With over 200 clinical studies, lactobacillus GG is the most researched and proven probiotic in the world. The 10 Billion count is what has been used in the vast majority of the clinical trials, including human clinical trials. For that reason, we guarantee that quantity.

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