When to Take Creatine?

Creatine is one hot commodity in the gym these days, and everyone who is serious about weight lifting has heard about it at some point. However, a big debate rages in the bodybuilding community about when someone should take creatine. You see taking a creatine supplement is simply utilized best for lifting weights and getting bigger and stronger muscles. This makes it very much an “aesthetic” enhancing supplement more than anything else. So many people have different opinions on whether taking it before or after your workout is the most beneficial for giving your body a better look. However, there is actually evidence that seems to suggest that you should take creatine both before and after your workout to get the best results.

Bodybuilders and Creatine

There was several studies ran on bodybuilders in The Journal of International Society of Nutrition which wanted to test the hypothesis of whether or not taking creatine before a workout or after a workout gave the individuals better performance in the gym. So over the course of 4 weeks they had two different test studies. One was a mixed group of male and female recreational bodybuilders that were told to take 5 grams of creatine before their workout.

Then there was a second group that was told to take 5 grams of creatine after their workout. After this test was ran for over 4 weeks, the results came back that basically both groups performed almost the same when it came to muscle enhancement. However, I say almost because the post-workout test group actually performed a little bit better on reducing body fat percentage and building more lean muscle.

Taking Creatine Before and After Working Out

It was after this test in 2013 that it became popular in bodybuilding circles that taking creatine after your workout was what you should do to get the best results. However, after doing more research, and actually looking at different results of professional bodybuilders and what they recommend, there is actually mounting evidence that you should take creatine both before and after your workout. The science is inconclusive of why this is the case. It could be for several reasons that include taking half your creatine supplement before you workout will give you more energy to perform better during your weight training, and then taking some after will help your body recover because of creatines anti-oxidant properties. Taking it after you workout may also help alleviate things like lactic acid that can build up in your muscles and hinder their recovery.

How Does Your Body React to Creatine?

When it comes down to it though, there really is no “right” answer on when is the best time to take your creatine. In fact, you could take it in the morning before you workout in the evening, or workout in the morning and take it in the evening and you probably would see similar results. However, as it was stated earlier, you may be better off trying to take creatine both before and after your workout to see how your body reacts to it. In any case, just make sure to only take the recommended dosage, as having too much creatine in your body can cause some unpleasant side effects that you will want to avoid. Besides that, the best thing to do is just to test out both pre and post workout creatine supplementation, and see what works best for your body.