Creatine Tablets

Creatine monohydrate pills are some of the hottest supplements that bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are taking these days. Much of that has to do with the undisputable results that creatine pills have been giving tens of thousands of people in the gym that has made them stronger, and also given them a better physique with well-defined muscles. That’s probably why if you have spent any amount of time around some kind of workout community in the past 30 years, you have probably heard of creatine.

Is Creatine Important?

Creatine at its most basic form is an acid that is produced by the body using amino acids like L-arginine. These amino acids are what send signals to the kidneys and liver to begin producing biological compound acids that are called creatine. Once creatine is created, it then delivers nutrients in the blood stream and sends it directly to the brain and muscles to use. The primary way creatine transports the nutrients is by creating more red blood cells that help facilitate vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream being transported to different muscles. Creatine is so important for your health that the human body itself is made up of about 1% creatine.

Now, because of creatine's qualities of delivering nutrients to the brain and muscles, creatine supplements were created to see if these benefits could be accelerated. And when creatine supplements first started coming out in the 1980’s, it was discovered that it could! This resulted in a couple forms of creatine that were made that included a liquid, powder, and pill form of creatine. The liquid creatine in general is considered the worse of the three, while the powder and pill forms are each equally popular and considered high quality creatine.

Creatine Tablets Are Easy to Take

However, what has made creatine tablets so popular is that there is very little effort that is needed to take them. It is as simple as opening up the bottle, and swallowing a gel capsule that will start working within 10 to 15 minutes. And what happens after that time period is quite amazing. Creatine tablets will dissolve in the stomach and instantly release hormones that allow your body to start increasing its creatine production by sending signals from the brain to the pancreas, kidneys, and liver.

Once this occurs your body is hit with a surge of energy that gets you not only energized, but also physically stronger to perform your workout or competition. This is because the amounts of nutrients and red blood cells being created is accelerated and allows vitamins and minerals to be delivered even faster to your brain and muscles. This in turn not only strengthens your muscles, but also gives you better mental focus. In fact, having higher quantities of creatine sent to the brain have been shown to make a person smarter (in the sense of having faster brain signals). Studies have also shown that people have better memory recollection after taking creatine tablets.

Why Are Creatine Tablets So Popular?

The creatine tablets are also the most popular form of creatine because creatine shakes have very little taste to them unless it is added with additional sugars and carbs, which many times are not desirable among health enthusiasts. However, you can avoid those fillers by getting creatine tablets that will just provide your body the pure biological compounds it needs to produce more creatine. So while the creatine tablets may be a little more expensive, they can definitely be worth it from a convenience and diet perspective.