Creatine Powder

When your trying to find a product that works at getting you that extra energy in the gym, you don’t have to look much farther than choosing creatine powder. Creatine powder is one of the best pre-workout products that are available to bodybuilders and athletes that can give them the ability to jump, pump, and sprint “out of the gym” because of its unique effect on the body. How can this happen you ask? Well, let’s get into the details.

Creatine Provides Energy

Creatine has been a known biological component of the body since around the 19th century, however it wasn’t until the 1980’s during the weightlifting revolution around the world that it was discovered and used for supplement purposes. Reason being is that people of that time were looking for substances that could improve their performance in the gym that didn’t include harmful things like anabolic steroids. Well, what was discovered during this time was that creatine could provide a bodybuilder with insane amounts of energy after taking a little of this nitrogenous acid in a powder form called creatine. What resulted after this was an explosion of creatine use in the world for bodybuilders and gym rats.

Three Forms of Creatine

When looking at the different forms of creatine you can take on the market, there are three of them: Powder, capsules, and liquid. While the powder and capsules are very similar in the composition of creatine, the liquid is actually seen as an inferior product that you would probably want to stay away from. In regards to the powder or. capsules, they are basically the same except that you will be paying extra money for the capsules because it is seen as a convenience. That because with a creatine capsule you can just pop a pill as opposed to taking the time to make a creatine powder shake before a workout.

Benefits of Creatine Powder

However, creatine powder is the best choice for the price. It provides all the monohydrates you need that make for the highest quality of creatine that your body can get outside its own production process. Creatine powder is also very effective at giving you an energetic rush because the powder is already in a pre-processed form that lets it go straight through the metabolism and directly into your bloodstream. This is able to accelerate the entire process of feeding nutrients (and energy) to your muscles, while at the same time stimulating your brain to start working faster. Once this happens, it has a combining effect of making your muscles stronger (for a certain period of time) and giving you the energy you need to put in the best workout possible.

Now there are many different kinds of creatine powder on the market from muscle pharm, universal nutrition, and all the major brands. To determine which one works best, you will have to research and probably do some experimentation on your own part. However, what we can say is that creatine will put a jolt in your workout that you haven’t ever experienced before, and will help you get better gains in the gym. Now if you are not physically active, creatine powder may not be for you. What can happen when you take creatine without working out is simply have water trapped in your muscles that will do little for you except to add more weight to your body. So be sure that if you are using a creatine supplement, that you are also being physically active.