Benefits of Creatine

Creatine is quickly becoming the most fast selling and most popular supplement in the bodybuilding market. Almost everyone who has ever stepped foot inside a gym at some point has heard about it. And it is all for a very good reason as well. Why? Because creatine as a muscle enhancing supplement really does work, and can help you in the gym reach performance levels you didn’t think were possible.

What Does Creatine Do?

First, creatine gives you a crazy “pump on” when you take it (or in layman’s terms, a shot of energy). Creatine is a chemical that is produced by your liver and kidney’s and it is basically the spark plugs of your metabolism that gives your energy a “jolt”. This is incredibly helpful after a long day at work, or if you maybe ate something before your workout that is making you feel slow and tired. So if you’re feeling fatigued, simply snap back some creatine and “boom” goes the dynamite on your energy levels. Creatine has also shown to help make your muscles faster during a workout. In different studies, sprinters and high jumpers performed better when taking a creatine supplement before their competition than when they didn’t. So if you want to get an extra edge on the competition with your speed, creatine can help you accomplish this.

Creatine and Hormones

Growth hormone production can increase when taking a creatine supplement as well. If you’re body is low in testosterone, creatine can help your body make more. This is important because hormones like testosterone are responsible for muscle development and regulating the body’s energy. It also is very important for men in their sexual health to make sure they have enough testosterone in their body. Without proper levels of testosterone in their body they can suffer from a low sex drive, or sexual impotency.

Creatine Helps Protect Your Immune System

Creatine also increases quality signals that are being sent from the brain to the different organs in the body. This allows for better body function and better immunity health that can keep you from getting sick or feeling fatigued. Also, when creatine stimulates your brain waves, you are able to think faster, and react more quickly to your surroundings. This has been shown to be beneficial in memory recollection as well, along with more mental clarity for individuals when working out or competing.

How Does Creatine Build Muscle?

And one of the biggest benefits of creatine, and why it is so popular in the gym, is because it helps your muscles grow! It does this by helping cell growth that carries nutrients from the digestive system to the muscles. This is done through the blood system, which is what the creatine chemical helps stimulate to perform better. And when you have a more efficient stream of protein and BCAA being delivered to your muscles because of the creatine, protein synthesis is allowed to accelerate to higher levels. This increases the size of your muscles and their strength.

So now you can see why creatine has become so popular as a supplement in the workout community. It has many different beneficial qualities that have been proven effective and safe for the most part. Before your next workout if you are looking to get an increase in energy, a little more speed, and get bigger muscles: You should definitely try a creatine supplement for yourself!