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Charlie's Soap, Laundry Liquid 32 fl oz

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  • Non-Toxic and Safe for Anything Washable
  • 32 Large Washloads
  • High Efficiency
  • Green. Clean. Guaranteed.
  • Removes grease, grass, blood, red clay, mildew stains, mustard, tar, catsup, pine sap and poop.
  • Boidegradable and Safe for the Environment

Charlie's Soap contains all natural washing soda and coconut oil based detergents. It cleans all the way to the fiber, leaving nothing but the good old-fashioned sweet smell of clean. If you want flowers, go pick some.

Charlie's Soap leaves no residue that can make your clothes stiff and irritating and is especially good for babies' clothes and for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Our laundry liquid is guaranteed to be the best laundry liquid you've ever used! Safe & effective for all fabrics including:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • High-tech microfiber athletic & waterproof gear

Contains no dyes, phosphates, UV brighteners or perfumes! Removes entrapped odors from microfiber athletic wear. Hypoallergenic. Will not fade your colors. Non-toxic and completely biodegradable. Front-loader/HE compatible.

Our Laundry Liquid is a detergent originally developed for use in textile quality control labs. It is formulated to work specifically with fabrics, safely and effectively. A revolutionary approach to laundry care, Charlie's Soap does not cover up stains and odors - it really cleans them.

Suggested Use

To Measure One Dose:

Unscrew cap and squeeze bottle to fill dosing compartment to 1 oz line.

First Time Users:

Run an a large empty load with a few old rags and 2 doses (2 oz) of Charlie's Soap to remove possibly harmful residues from your washing machine left behind by other detergents.

Some of your laundry, and your washing machine, may require several washings before old detergent residue is fully removed and you notice the lasting benefits of using Charlie's Soap - low suds, softer clothes, etc.

For Best Results in Everyday Use:

Use only 1 dose (1 oz) of Charlie's Soap Laundry Liquid for a large load of laundry, even in HE washing machines. Softeners are not recommended or needed.

Apply detergent directly to clothes. Wash according to care instructions. Test on garments that may bleed or fade.

Note: Charlie's Soap is not a disinfectant.

Supplement Facts All natural washing soda, sodium silicate, and coconut oil based detergents.
Warnings Eye irritant. Keep away from children. Harmful if swallowed.
SKU CHA-13011
Name Charlie's Soap, Laundry Liquid 32 fl oz
UPC 757072213011
Basic Name Laundry Liquid 32 fl oz
MPN 21306
Brand Charlie's Soap
Shipping Weight 2.4200
Serving Size 1 oz
Package Description 32 fl oz
Product Type Hypoallergenic

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