Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

My husband showed off his bloody knuckles to me last night. No, he doesn’t do manual labor for a living and he didn’t get into a fist fight (unless you count wrestling with Old Man Winter and battling his wretchedly cold breath). Frigid winter air just seems to be especially harsh on his skin and it doesn’t help that he does little to prevent the problem.

So here’s what I told him:

  • Cover up. Start wearing gloves to protect the hands. A hat, scarf, or hood will help to shield the face as well. It seems like an obvious step to preventative skin care, but covering one’s skin and shielding it from extreme cold is a practice that many people skip.
  • Skip the extra long hot shower. Yes, it feels luxurious (especially after being out in the cold), but that hot water will dry out the skin. Better to take a quick warm shower and then rub on some moisturizer.
  • Keep up the exercise regime. Working out promotes healthy blood circulation. This, in turn, helps to keep that epidermis glowing. (Tip: When exercising outside in the winter it is imperative to still wear sunscreen! Though the sun’s rays are not as harsh during the winter months they are still there and they can still wreck havoc with a person’s skin.)

Hopefully my husband can get in the habit of preventative winter skin care. Bloody knuckles are no fun (unless you’ve got a really cool story to go with them - and “The cold air beat me up” probably won’t cut it).

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